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Dear Readers: I wanted to return to my science roots and share with you an awesome video I gleaned from the Anchoress. It is an extremely interesting 46 minute BBC report on “How the Japan Tsunami Happened”:

As I watched it, these things stuck me strongly:

These things struck me strongly:

* The tsunami wave water traveled inland 8.5 km — just astonishing.

* Given the scale of the magnitude 9 quake, it is remarkable how little damage and how quickly Japan would have recovered with little effect if it weren’t for the following tsunami.

* One of those towns with the sea wall was featured on a National Geographic special on tsunami’s made in the early 90’s, because of its sea walls and drills.

* The image that will stick with me are the Japanese search and rescue teams poking in the mud for the dead, and sticking flags in when they locate a body. Haunting.

Here is another video that caught my attention today. It comes via my friends at HillBuzz — who have a brand new site that is amazing. and is also earth-shattering:

This week will be remembered as the one in which the two contenders for 2012 had the first campaign speeches of the cycle: Obama’s, which was essentially a toddler’s rant at Paul Ryan and quite distasteful; and, Palin’s Tea Party address in which the phrase, “fight like a girl” takes on new meaning. As Left Coast Rebel noted, there Sarah has many fans among Tea Party types.

I was a bit skeptical that Palin was going to mount a 2012 challenge. That was, until I saw this speech. She is obviously in it to win it. I am glad, as the rest of the likely field has failed to move me — or others. To out it in perspective: North of 8,000 people came to the Madison event, vs 50 people for a Trump event and 200 for a Pawlenty speech.

The SoCal Tax Revolt Coalition, co-founded by three “girls” , is still in the fight for smaller government, free markets, and sound government fiscal policies. As a reminder, our TAX DAY TEA PARTY EVENT starts at 6 PM this MONDAY at the MIDWAY POST OFFICE in San Diego. Stop Taxing Us hosted an event this Friday in Oceanside. The reports coming in shows: GAME ON!

From Kimberly Dvorak of the San Diego Examiner: More than 2,000 citizen’s show-up for the ‘Stop Taxing Us’ annual Tax-Day Tea Party held at the Oceanside Pier, just north of San Diego.

The speakers at the event were not elected politicians, just community activists making the trek to the beach to show their solidarity with the movement that spontaneously erupted shortly after Barrack Obama became president and rammed through the very unpopular “stimulus” bill.

Left Coast Rebel was also in attendance, had had this report: Donald’s (NOTE; The Palin supporter in the above picture) a great guy and a true patriot that loves America with all he’s got. Hangin’ with him reminded me of something that limited government activists engaged in the good fight electronically or otherwise often don’t realize: face-to-face contact with fellow patriots is incredibly reinvigorating.

So, I hope you can all join us!

Stop Taxing Us Oceanside Tea Party 2011

Turning to our other SLOB (San Diego Local Order of Bloggers) members: I have to say B-Daddy has been setting mini-quakes in San Diego this week. Please check out his review that details San Diego pension issues and image problems related to the state GOP.

Beers with Demo has a report and video of launch of the USNS William McClean.

Shane Atwell has his review of “Atlas Shrugs”, which I must respect — he is our Randian Objectivist. For me, the money quote is: At the moment Rotten Tomatoes has Atlas Shrugged at 10% among critics and 85% among viewers. Is this another example of the divide in America between the leftist, intellectual ‘leadership’ and the immeasurably more honest, rational and selfish general public? As Shane’s impressions also seem to correspond with those of Capt. Ed of Hot Air, I will strive to see this film (though I share B-Daddy’s opinion of Rand).

As I seem to be featuring videos in this post, Dueling Barstools has a video of my least favorite MSNBC pundit, Rachel Maddow, being analyzed by someone who knows US History (Jack Hunter). Fabulous!

Lorraine Yapps Cohen, another savvy female patriot, has a wonderful analysis that brings it all back to geology as part og her exceptional look at how prosperity relates to energy consumption): Colorado shale — On the report’s world map showing where those resources exist is a blob in the Rocky Mountains. This is Colorado shale. Extracting the energy in those rocks stopped before getting started. And it hasn’t started up in earnest since, for the environmentalist furor against producing our own.

Update: The Anchoress, who is quite circumspect in her assessment of potential 2012 candidates, was impressed by Sarah’s Madison Speech: Sarah Palin in Wisconsin: Wit, Clarity, Coherence.

Shane Atwell
noted that Andrew Breitbart gave a great speech introducing Sarah; I share it below:

Update 2: Via Left Coast Rebel — one of their pundits, not previously a fan of Palin, can now see supporting her for President: Rational Nation Rethinking Sarah Palin,

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Unleash Hell!

Dear Readers: In keeping with my recent spate of American Iconic Movie Quotes (check HERE and HERE) for titles, I offer this one from one of my favorites: Gladiator.

On July 3rd, 2009, Alaska’s Governor Sarah Palin announced her intent to resign her gubernatorial duties and transfer the powers of Governor to Lt. Governor Sean Parnell. Shortly afterwards, several deceitful people intimated that the reasons for Palin’s resignation stem from a supposed criminal investigation pertaining to the construction of the Wasilla Sports Complex. Sarah Palin’s attorney indicates that they are exploring legal options to counter the hate-a-thon related to this matter and other false, media-driven charges that Palin has experienced since late August 2008 when she accepted John McCain’s request to the GOP Vice Presidential candidate. Palin’s Legal Counsel, Thomas Van Flein, specifically stated the Palin team will take legal action against those liberal blogs and the state-run media for slandering the governor. Gateway Pundit has much more analysis, but MUT’s Money Quote from the statement is:

we will be exploring legal options this week to address such defamation. This is to provide notice to Ms. Moore, and those who re-publish the defamation, such as Huffington Post, MSNBC, the New York Times and The Washington Post, that the Palins will not allow them to propagate defamatory material without answering to this in a court of law.

To this, I can only say:

Here’s more from Mary Matalin, that might be prescient, courtesy of Ed Morrisey of Hot Air.

I would like to direct readers to the intense Star Wars inspired discussion on Big Hollywood. If it comes to pass, I will claim credit for “Unleash Hell” becoming the catch phrase of the day when discussing Palin.

Recap Here from Michelle Malkin.

UPDATE: It turns out the GOP-apparatus and politicos are as confused as the extreme left and deranged media are jubilant. Upon reflection, and a good cup of Mystic Monk coffee, I have decided I don’t give a rat’s-rear-end if Sarah Palin returns to politics again. As someone who admires her stances and her style, if she simply goes after and legally punishes the criminal media entities that have vilified and harassed her family, I will be content if she chooses to remain a private citizen. Frankly, I think it will serve all of us who believe in small government and capitalism well — since the elite news corps will have to rethink their attack-dog approach for candidates whose only flaw is that they are not “progressives”.

Andrew Breitbart reviews a Washington Times piece that also excoriates the elite media. MUT’s Money Quote: Misses Dowd, Couric and Fey – Mr. Obama’s Angels (featuring Joy Behar in the role of “Bosley”) – used a potent mix of mockery, snobbery and vitriol to undermine Mrs. Palin’s feminist bona fides.

And I could not agree with the Other McCain more: The people who pronounce themselves “baffled,” and who conclude that Palin has made a stupid move by resigning, are leaving a couple of things out of their calculations. First, Palin is a Christian who, in the past, has made straightforward reference to the will of God. What she believes — what she must believe — is that if it is God’s will that she become president, she will. Therefore, the conventional wisdom of the commetariat and all the advice from political “experts” are just so much noise to her.

Little Miss Attila has a wonderful synopsis of a “blog” war going on, and I concur with her. Sarah Palin is worthy of respect, not worship. If people I normally admire make a valid critique of her, then it is probably worth my time to take their point of view into consideration.

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Dear Readers: As a big fan of Alaska’s Governor Sarah Palin, I am saddened to hear of her impending resignation. The Anchoress has a wonderful roundup of thoughts and comments, which should be read by clicking HERE.

I’m sticking with my original thoughts. Either she or someone in her family is ill, and she wants to keep it private and not subject it to the vulgarity of the Palin-hating beasts in the press, who savaged her last year, or…she and Todd are on the rocks, and she doesn’t want to subject her children and her marriage to the same vulgarity.

Can’t say I blame her in either case. And I hope I’m wrong on both counts.

But nothing else makes sense, does it?

All I can say is that I will be praying for Governor Palin and her family — for their health, happiness, and peace of spirit. As I read through the comments, many of my conservative friends are angry about this “dereliction of duty”. As none of us can fully understand what Gov. Palin and her family have been subjected to (the most recent incident being Letterman’s idiotic crudity — and I am still not watching cBS), I hesitate to either speculate or denigrate.

Truly, the left will be crowing about Palin’s resignation — as if that gives them the additional imperium to carry out their massive, liberty-crushing, economy-strangling programs. This is not the case.

I am a founding member of a Tea Party organization. We, and our sister groups and partners, have hundreds of rallies planned for July 4th and beyond. There are hundreds of newly-minted activists who will eventually evolve into civic minded politicians. So, to the these celebrating lefties and pimped-out media types, I say this:

If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you could possibly imagine.

UPDATE: Kurt Schlicter of Big Holllywood seconds my Star Wars analogy in his post, The Force is with Sarah Palin. However, he thinks that she is the one who will return. It is my contention that it is the newly-energized Tea Party activists that will pick up the “light saber of liberty” and fight the “dark side” of oppressive government control. In other words,the concept of citizen politician (rather in keeping with the vision of our founders), will be carried on by regular people who have become involved with the process only recently. In that sense, the left’s triumph is Phyrric at best. Will we win in 2010? You bettcha!

UPDATE II: Frugal Cafe has opinions from Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin with outside-the-Beltway perspectives worthy of a listen.

For more Star Wars analogies that are Tea Party oriented, please check out my latest post: IMPRESSIVE. MOST IMPRESSIVE.


Mut’s Money Links: The following is a round-up of what other blogging heroes and divinities have to say.


Michelle Malkin: STUNNER: A Palin announcement: Resigning in weeks; “It hurts to make this choice. But I’m doing what’s best for Alaska”

Instapundit: SARAH PALIN TO resign as governor?

Hot Air’s Ed Morrissey: Is Palin’s national political career over? (Yes) and Allahpundit: Palin’s brother: The nonstop media blitz and frivolous ethics complaints weighed on her and, to add more confusion, Close friend of Palin’s: She’ll seriously consider running for president!


Rosita the Prole: No Joy in Mudville. Mighty Sarah Has Bowed Out.

Little Miss Attila: Pray for Sarah.

UPDATE: Hat-tip to Little Miss Attila for this wonderful analysis at Pajama’s Media: Palin Resignation Shocks Political World. MUT’s Money Quote — There does come a time, after all, when one simply gets fed up and decides that it’s time to get into the field and put down a moose or two; there’s nothing more patriotic than moose stew for Independence Day, after all. And if Sarah were at that point, I’m sure most libertarians and Republicans would understand — and would welcome her back into politics when she’s darn good and ready.

Fire Andrea Mitchell: Sarah Palin resigns as Governor Todd Palin Confirms – LT. Gov Sean Parnell to be sworn in July 26th


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Dear Readers: I am off to Richmond, VA to visit my college friend, drink malt beverages, and spend days by the pool with the Young Prince and his friends.

I will be back July 1st, and at that time I will continue my normal level of agitation. Before I leave, I wanted to take care of a few loose ends.


The first thing I wanted to do was to give a big GODDESS OF CAPITALISM BLESSING to Brad Delson, guitarist of a successful group called Linkin Park and the keynote speaker at UCLA’s graduation ceremony last week. Apparently, he was the replacement for actor James Franco (who was deemed too young and inexperienced by members of the graduating class to be so honored).

Brad gave one of the best speeches I have ever heard in my life. As a parent of a newly-minted UCLA alumni, I was a bit annoyed at the standard “diversity” drivel offered by the speakers preceding him. The two speeches before him were essentially political rallies and did nothing to directly honor the graduates themselves nor encourage them to fully succeed in their future endeavors in a profit-oriented manner. The two minority speakers seem to think “diversity” was the key to all happiness — and as a mother of a Caucasian son, I was beginning to wonder if my boy would ever be allowed to attend UCLA or be considered for any honor, no matter how hard he would work.

Then, Brad Delson arrived and quite saved the evening. I have posted the two videos show his full speech, and they are well worth watching. Brad had the perfect blend of humor and experience sharing. He had several witty lines pertinent to UCLA. He unified the class, and the audience of tuition-paying parents, in a way that the “diversity speeches” failed to do.

There was so much to compliment Brad on, I hardly know where to begin. I think one of my favorite aspects of this address is that I couldn’t tell what Brad’s politics were, nor did I care. Some of the UCLA graduates complained that they didn’t get a bigwig (like Michelle Obama, who spoke at UC Merced). I think Brad’s speech was far better than anything that could be offered by any politico — it was the view of a savvy alumnist who took a risk and achieved success in a high risk field.

Brad’s speech really did merit the “diversity” designation in so many ways. It should be a standard for all future commencement addresses at UCLA and other institutions of higher learning.

I would like to also give a big Goddess of Capitalism thank you to the UCLA administration members who showed real “out of the box” thinking. Your genuine creativity will be rewarded, as I am more inclined to donate and potentially send the Young Prince to your institution. There is a big movement among those of us who value capitalism and free enterprise to forgo expensive university programs that fail to prepare students for real world work efforts and focus on skills training; Mike Rowe WORKS is a good example of this new trend. This is a bit from Mike Rowe’s site (note – the Young Prince adores Mike)

Doesn’t it seem strange that we can have a shortage of skilled labor, a crumbling infrastructure, and rising unemployment? How did we get into this fix? Are we lazy? All around us, society has slowly redefined what it means to have a “good job.” The portrayals in Hollywood, and the messages from Madison Avenue have been unmistakable. “Work less and be happy!” For the last thirty years, we’ve been celebrating a different kind of work. We’ve been aspiring to other opportunities. We’ve stopped making things. And we’ve convinced ourselves that “good jobs” are the result of a four year degree. That’s bunk. Not all knowledge comes from college. Skill is back in demand. Steel toed boots are back in fashion. And Work is Not the Enemy.

Someone like Brad Delson could get these potential tuition-paying parents to reconsider.




Most of you know that I have been following the Sarah Palin Tea Party protests. At this point, it seems David Letterman offered Sarah Palin and her daughters a quasi-apology, which was gracefully accepted by the Governor of Alaska. The Berman Post has the best roundup of pictures and videos. Though the rally was attended by between 30 to 50 people (and I have to question the report numbers), I don’t think the pull-out of advertisers and the determination of new activists is going to stop because of Letterman’s weak remorse. I know our home will remain a CBS-free zone for the foreseeable future.

Item #3:

The Southern California Tax Revolt Coalition, LLC is promoting over 25 July 4th Tea Party events throughout the state. Please check our site by clicking HERE to find the location nearest you. The main item to be features during these rallies is information related to the Obama administration’s proposals for reworking the healthcare system.

NOTE: Our group organizes California, but our umbrella organization – Tea Party Patriots — organizes nationally. Please click HERE for information on other states.



I have prepared some articles for the San Diego News Network that will be posted during my absence. Please check out my blogs, HERE.

During my absence, please check out my blogroll. Here are some awesome posts from these Capitalist Heroes who will speak for me while I take a vacation from the Shrine.

The Anchoress (my blogging icon):

I also wanted to direct everyone to the Anchoress’ post on Iran; this is an awesome synopsis of another change in the type of media that is successful:

Twittering Liberty…and Hope

Mut’s Money Quote: Pray for the living. Pray for the families of the dead. If you are reading this at night and want to pray for these, I have a podcast of Vespers of the Office for the Dead here. If you are reading this in the morning, those prayers are here.(NOTE: I will be listening to the Vespers of the Dead podcast and offering my prayers for freedom).

Dreaming strange dreams
Michelle Malkin (Defender of Capitalism): Obama’s AmeriCrooks and cronies scandal
Hot Air/Ed Morrisey (Capitalist Hero): FBI probing obstruction of justice in related Walpin case; Update: Walpin breaks out the Obamateurism defense(Money Quote: No matter which way you go on the Walpin case, you have to admire the man’s huevos grandes)
Allahpundit/Hot Air (adding perspective and humor): Ensign: I did a bad, bad thing
Gateway Pundit (wonderful international roundup): Awesome! Iranian Soccer Fans Wave “Free Iran” Flags & “Go to Hell Dictator” Banner
Big Hollywood (Real Capitalism on Display): The Man Who Would Be God
Fire Andrea Mitchell: White House Health Reform Communications Director is Former ABC News Correspondent #hhrs #tcot
Founding Bloggers: Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo) Throws Obama Under The Bus
Little Miss Attila: Here’s One from Cynthia Yockey (David Letterman Protester).
Protein Wisdom: David Letteman, Intentionalist
Bizzyblog (One of our key business pundits): Obama to Cali: No Bailout

Finally, there are also the writings of my good friends at American Freedom Network! I will warn you that my views are the most liberal of the bunch — but in a good way! 🙂 😉

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Dear Readers: Here is a synopsis of the Tea Party in support of Sarah Palin:

DATE: Tuesday June 16th, 2009
WHEN: 4:30-630pm
WHERE: New York City, Ed Sullivan Theater, 1697 Broadway

PURPOSE: To protest Letterman’s joke about statutory-raping Willow Palin and his sexism and misogyny in general.


Oh my: NOW inducts Letterman into its “Media Hall of Shame”

Obama, the Opposite of America
Pop Culture vs. America: This Round Goes to Sarah Palin
David Letterman: Perv
The Ghost of Johnny Carson
Our Creepy Culture

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UPDATE: HillBuzz is actually organizing an actual Tea Party Rally while Letterman tapes his show — details can be found by clicking HERE:

There will be a rally/protest against Letterman on Tuesday, June 16th (Moved from Monday, June 15th because of permitting issues) in New York City outside the Ed Sullivan theater, just as Letterman starts taping his Monday episode at 430pm EST.

UPDATE 2: Date moved to June 16th due to permitting issues.

Dear Readers: I wanted to direct everyone to HillBuzz, who is doing an awesome job agitating on behalf of Gov. Sarah Palin. Most of my readers know, Sarah’s daughter Willow was the target of David Letterman’s inanity. Letterman’s orkish insults went beyond the bounds of civil decency, and it is up to all Americans who desire a return to reasoned discourse and good taste to take action.

You can start HERE, which is a solid summary post on their BOYCOTT LETTERMAN campaign.

Here is my contribution, sent to CBS (feel free to copy/paste, amend and send):

I am a Democrat. I am a businesswoman. I am a fan of “CSI”, “Two-and-a-half Men” and “Big Bang Theory.”

While people may disagree politically with eachother, I must strenuously protest when a supposed comedian attacks a young family member of a political candidate — and preparing a joke that includes a reference to statutory rape of a young girl who is targeted because of her mother’s career.

I stopped watching all of CBS News shows after “RatherGate”. I think it high time your people take a good, hard look at your staff and consider that insulting a larger core of the American audience is not going to create a successful business model.

I am applying the “Imus” standard to you right now. If you need a refresher, please click here:


I will no longer watch any CBS show until Letterman is fired. Period. No negotiation.

You will find many women, and many Democrats, will not tolerate such disgraceful behavior. Enduring trite, condescending, and ill-informed remarks by the New York and Hollywood glitterati about Sarah Palin is annoying enough. Those about her young family, which seemingly target Gov. Palin because she is an effective American patriot, go beyond the bounds of decency — to the point I feel it is my civic duty to take action.

The day Letterman is gone is the day I will start watching again. Letterman stopped being funny years ago; surely, your team can come up with fresh new talent.

I called Kellogs, Mars, and Olive Garden — stating that I would boycott them until Letterman was gone and buy twice as much from them than normal if he were gone in 30 days or less.

I sent a note to the three shows I normally watch, and advise everyone to do the same. You can use this form:




Oh my: NOW inducts Letterman into its “Media Hall of Shame”

Obama, the Opposite of America
Pop Culture vs. America: This Round Goes to Sarah Palin
David Letterman: Perv
The Ghost of Johnny Carson
Our Creepy Culture

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Dear Readers: I was reviewing some words of wisdom from my dearest, wisest blog compatriot, Professor Athena. I wanted to share them with you, especially as it ties into my hero’s recent trip to New York.

As part of her tour, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin chatted with Fox New Channel’s Sean Hannity and said:

PALIN: Well, when you consider that the federal government is about eleven trillion dollars in debt, and we’re borrowing more to spend more.. it defies any sensible economic policy that any of us ever learned through college. It defies economy practices and principles that tell ya ‘you gotta quit digging that hole when you are in that financial hole’

“America is digging a deeper hole and how are we paying for this government largesse. We’re borrowing. We’re borrowing from China and we consider that now we own sixty percent of GENERAL MOTORS – or the U.S. government does… But who is the U.S. government becoming more indebted to? It’s China. So that leads you to have to ask who is really going to own our car industry than in America.”

We join our friends at HillBuzz who say: Given ’em Hell Sarah. The Goddess of Capitalism appreciates the wit of our savvy Hillbuzz Buddies and now will include them in our blogroll.

Ed Morrissey of Hot Air has some tasty news, related to this topic today. Apparently, Gallup indicates support for Obama is plummeting in the polls.

Below are the thoughts of Professor Athena (who is highly placed in the world of banking and finance and is kind enough to share her wisdom with us regularly).


Recent unemployment data released from the BLS * masks the real story of both the job situation and its relevance to deflationary pressures within the economy.

A bit of economics background. For several decades you were either a ‘Keynesian’ or a ‘Monetarist’. Both are broken in today’s globally-based system, where in one case cost inflation may be measured only insofar as it is local, a paradigm which doesn’t work once an economy is no longer local, and in the other does not measure the credit and savings creation in the shadow banking system. So the question, “How do we determine the rate of inflation?” becomes that much more difficult to answer.

Throughout the past twenty-five years, we have had an abundant pool of cheaper labor to offset a rise in production cost, especially among minimum and lower wage jobs coming in from Mexico. With every benefit accrued there is a cost (Nanny would say, “Nothin’ in this world comes for free, child”), and the cost has come through various service sectors within our economy, most particularly since many of the labor force do not pay any income tax while using the services and infrastructure paid for by American workers. Still, this trend kept our economy competitive with emerging economies in China and India where labor was cheap. In addition, capital was fairly abundant and leverage was even more so. With the decrease in taxes instituted in the 1980’s, expansion of IPO’s and venture capital exploded especially in California. Americans saw their home values climb higher, and took out HELOC’s (home equity line of credit). Everything appeared so profitable and so much wealth was created it was fairly-tale stuff. Like most fairly tales it has a villain who has cast an evil spell and is holding the castle hostage. Though the villain is not Obama, he is the willing stooge who believes deficit spending will wake the sleeping beauty that is the U.S. economy. He is wrong, and the damage he is doing will wreck years of future growth for the U.S. economy.

Let’s look at the numbers the Obama administration won’t be talking about in press conferences, and digest what they mean as far as U.S. jobs. The distribution of the losses are different than in past recessions. Several areas are under-surveyed or missed entirely by the BLS. But, what we can interpret is that the services sector especially in real estate and financial services are losing a large percentage of higher-paid workers. The BLS only surveys workers on payrolls, missing commissioned employees, and does not even survey hourly wages in most service industries. But the massive budget shortfalls in New York and other states heavily domiciled in the financial services jobs give us a clue that the numbers are huge. Furthermore, the dislocation of jobs is very different than in the 2001 recession, where people working part-time for economic reasons rose about 35% (from about 3.3 million to 4.4 million). In this recession, we are up 50% in that category, doubling from 4.5 million to now 9.0 million working part-time.

Why is this important? Because it measures the panic factor, where people are working not only shorter hours but likely working for less pay. The pool of available labor measures the difference between the working-age population and the workforce, and it is therefore a measure of economic slack. The pool of available labor is now encroaching upon 20 million, over 12% of the labor force. There is no cogent argument for inflation this year, or in future years, until this slack is reabsorbed.

The global economy is now on pace to shrink in 2009 for the first time since the end of World War II (evidenced by the large drop in the U.S. trade deficit posted last week). Imports have fallen so much that they are down almost 60% for the past 3-mos. period annualized. The majority of the decline is in energy, YOY (Year-over-year) 56% down in petroleum imports. With American good orders already in decline and with the global economy declining as well, we cannot reasonably expect the improvement in the U.S. economy the Obama administration has forecast. If you think things are frustrating at this point, remember that the definition of a recession is when your neighbor loses his job, and the definition of a depression is when you lose yours. While I sincerely hope this does not happen to our dear readers, we are in for worse job losses to come if corporate taxes and capital gains are targeted for tax increase by this administration who remains frenetic in their orchestrated plan to redistribute income in order to buy votes.



Reading this, and reviewing current events, I long for the days when the President would feel my pain instead of cause it.

The Anchoress also recalls President Clinton favorably today: California may do away with welfare? I don’t believe it, but it’s as good a time as any to applaud Bill Clinton for his own policies here.

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Dear Friends:  My son, the Young Prince, was busy working on his color wheel this weekend.  You may remember working on one yourself:  Red plus Blue equals Purple, etc.

Today’s lesson: Green = Red plus Black, as described below.

As a Californian, while looking over the science news today, this news post caught my eye:

California’s ‘Green Jobs’ Experiment Isn’t Going Well

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger was all smiles in 2006 when he signed into law the toughest anti-global-warming regulations of any state. Mr. Schwarzenegger and his green supporters boasted that the regulations would steer California into a prosperous era of green jobs, renewable energy, and technological leadership. Instead, since 2007 — in anticipation of the new mandates — California has led the nation in job losses.


The green lobby has lectured us for years that global warming is all about the sanctity of science. Those who question the “scientific consensus” on catastrophic atmospheric changes are belittled as “deniers.” Now, in assessing the costs, the greens readily cook the books and throw good science out the window. “To most of the most strident supporters of this legislation,” says Mr. Niello, “the economic costs don’t really matter anyway, because we are supposedly facing an environmental apocalypse.”

Mr. Schwarzenegger fits into that camp. He recently declared: “I recommend very strongly that we move forward . . . . You will always have people saying this will lose jobs.”

Meanwhile, the state is losing jobs, a lot of them. California’s unemployment rate hit 9.3% in December, up from 4.9% in December 2006. There are now 1.5 million Californians out of work. The state has the fourth-highest housing foreclosure rate in the nation, has lost more businesses than any state in recent years, and is facing a $40 billion deficit. With cap and trade firmly in place, the economic situation is only likely to get worse.

Other states are plundering the Golden State’s industries by convincing businesses to pick up stakes and move out before the cap-and-trade earthquake hits. Governors and Washington politicians who want to reduce their “carbon footprint,” but are worried about the more immediate crises of cascading unemployment, unbalanced budgets, and the housing-market collapse, would be wise not to follow California’s lead. Green policies have a tendency to push states into the red.

I fled Michigan in 1985, as I could plainly see that it was not economically sound to stay there — and California was prosperous and productive. Sadly, it seems those who embrace the junk science of global warming have strangled a sound, capitalist system. My husband, Horemeb, and I have discussed moving elsewhere. Should the California legislative and executive branches continue following their “feelings” instead of sound science and economic principles, we will follow the lead of other California achievers and devote our financial and intellectual capital to the benefit of one of the other 49 states. (Actually, 47: Michigan and Illinois are not under serious consideration. Alaska normally wouldn’t be, except I adore its Governor).

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