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Dear Readers:  During this election cycle, it is becoming increasingly apparent that Team Obama will not be particularly innovative or inspiring.  For example, the unicorn-believers among the Democrats are constantly relying on some gems from Saul Alinksky’s Rules for Radicals (e.g., RULE 5: Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon) and classic Communist posters.  It seems, however, that the White House brain-trust has  forgotten ALINSKY RULE 7:  “A tactic that drags on too long becomes a drag.”


Fortunately, average American women throughout the country aren’t buying anything Obama’s campaign is selling.  For example, a recent poll shows that WalMart Moms care most about more about the economy than Bin Laden’s death.  I sense that the typical, hard-working female in this country realizes they are being targeted by progressive policies.

Case in point:   CT Gov Schemes With SEIU To Unionize Day Care Providers & Others Without A Vote

Connecticut’s union-bought governor, Daniel Malloy, is apparently scheming with the SEIU to unionize his state’s daycare providers and personal care attendants through a secret plan using the flawed method of card-check unionization.

Recall, that it was a few short weeks ago that an Obama-supporting Hilary Rosen (probably at the behest of Michelle Obama) basically said that being a full-time mom wasn’t real work. So if “real women” have to work, then they need to have affordable childcare to do so.  So, there must be childcare providers, who  are ripe for unionization.

How does the SEIU intend to unionize childcare providers? The above article notes:

Janowski notes that the SEIU has already created a brochure/card for daycare providers. Above the signature line, in fine print, the SEIU’s card states:

I hereby authorize the SEIU Local 2001 as my exclusive representative for the purposes of collective bargaining. I understand the SEIULocal 2001 may request recognition from the State of Connecticut or the appropriate subdivision of the state to represent me in bargaining with respect to rates, benefts, and other terms and conditions of my work as a child care provider.

So, once the SEIU collects a majority of signed cards, all of the individuals in the classification will be unionized and the SEIU can begin collecting tax-payer funded union dues.

Frankly, I don’t see how unionizing childcare will make babysitters more affordable or accessible. There is ample evidence “unions destroy every company in which they have been intimately involved”. For example, the airline and auto industry has suffered because of greedy union activity.

However, declining union membership means less dues. Less dues seems to mean less donations to Democratic Party coffers. And we can’t have that! So, the smart-set has decided to unionize the childcare that women they are supposedly serving actually need to work.

A great PJ Media piece offers further details: Meet Your SEIU Babysitter and the Left’s Scheme to Unionize Everything

It’s easy to understand why unions are taking to such tactics. It’s tough to be a union these days. Overall union membership has declined dramatically, cut nearly in half since 1983. The rise of the Tea Party, the advent of alternative media, and the increasing effectiveness of grassroots political action have undermined the unions’ political dominance. Tens of millions of dollars spent to affect elections have yielded disappointing results. States and municipalities have begun to rebel against overly generous compensation schedules and benefit packages. All said, unions are having a hard time maintaining their iron grip on the taxpayer’s throat. It’s not as easy as it used to be. They need more members to coerce into political action. They need to siphon more money from the very people whose interests they work against. And they need evermore influence in the corridors of power.

Unionizing home-based childcare providers is a great way to make that happen. It opens up an entire segment of a booming industry to political and economic exploitation.

Given that union workers in Detroit were recently busted for drinking beer and smoking pot on the job, would any sane mother be comfortable using an SEIU member as a responsible babysitter???

And, once a babysitter gets unionize, how easy would it be to fire them? The LA Times, no bastion of conservative thought, posted this chestnut: Firing teachers can be a costly and tortuous task. Such a situation tends to attract unsavory characters, from whom mothers normally wish to protect their children.

So, as with much of progressive policies, this one is chock full of unintended consequences. Unionizing childcare will force moms to chose between staying home and raising kids in a safe environment, or hiring pricey and potentially unqualified/dangerous individuals to watch their babies while they work — paying excessively high taxes while they do so. Here is a graphic answer to that question:

Drawn by 17-year old high school student, Eliza Gauger

Of course, perhaps I am over-worried about this issue. It seems that Obamanomics has actually lead to a substantial increase in WOMEN’S UNEMPLOYMENT RATES! This piece sums up the statistic’s nicely – Obama’s Hecovery.

  • Since The Stimulus Was Passed, The Unemployment Rate For Women Has Increased From 7.3 Percent To 8.1 Percent. (Bureau Of Labor Statistics, Accessed 4/26/12)
  • Since Obama Took Office, The Number Of Female Employees Has Declined By 683,000. (Bureau Of Labor Statistics, Accessed 4/26/12)
  • Former Department Of Labor Chief Economist Betsey Stevenson: “Declines In Labor Force Participation All Came From Women: Male Participation +14k, Female Participation -177k.” (Betsey Stevenson, Twitter Feed, 4/6/12)
  • In March ,The Female Labor Force Participation Rate Fell From 57.9 Percent To 57.7 Percent. (Bureau Of Labor Statistics, Accessed 4/26/12)
    • In March, The Number Of Women Not In The Labor Force Increased From 52.8 Million To 53.1 Million. (Bureau Of Labor Statistics, Accessed 4/26/12)

Ar this point, I betcha Team Obama is wondering why the FREE BIRTH CONTROL bribe isn’t working.

In conclusion, the only war on women being waged is by Team Obama and his union-backed supporters. I hope the good people of Connecticut and Minnesota, who are on the front lines of this battle, ready themselves to prevent this onslaught from succeeding.

A little Egypt news to share: In light that the above piece features children, I thought this post would be a great place to note that a statue of Anthony’s and Cleopatra twins has been newly identified.

Cleopatra Selene ("The Moon") and Alexander Helios ("The Sun"), Antony's and Cleopatra's Twin Babies.

Cleopatra’s twin babies now have a face. An Italian Egyptologist has rediscovered a sculpture of Alexander Helios and Cleopatra Selene, the offspring of Mark Antony and Cleopatra VII, at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. Discovered in 1918 near the temple of Dendera on the west bank of the Nile, the sandstone statue was acquired by the Egyptian Museum but has remained largely overlooked.

“It shows two naked children, one male and one female, of identical size standing within the coils of two snakes. Each figure has an arm over the other’s shoulder,‭ ‬while the other hand grasps a serpent,” Giuseppina Capriotti, an Egyptologist at Italy’s National Research Council, told Discovery News….
Capriotti noticed that the boy has a sun-disc on his head,‭ ‬while the girl boasts a crescent and a lunar disc. The serpents, perhaps two cobras, would also be different forms of sun and moon, she said. Both discs are decorated with the udjat-eye, also called the eye of Horus, a common symbol in Egyptian art. ‭

Finally, for my history-loving fans, Word Warrior continues his awesome “Age of Arthur” series!!!

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Dear Readers: I am too excited today to focus entirely on a work project. I will take a cue from my favorite blogger, the Anchoress, and live-blog observations and information as it comes in. My key thought today —

A field report from my poll station: I live in a mixed Dem/GOP area. According to the poll workers, the voting has been steady — with waves of voters here and there. The station reports levels slightly more than 2008 (but a lot of people went to the registrar of voters for that election, so this might not mean anything). According to the poll worker, a majority of the residents of the condo complex in which I live (many of the small business owners) have already voted. Voters were streaming in one or two at a time for the 15 minutes I spent there.

It is an interesting sign that Democrats are already coming unhinged (and I say this as a Democrat). Hot Air as a thread devoted to turn out reports across the country.

On a more interesting note, by humble website has had over 1,000 hits on my CALIFORNIAA TEA PARTY BALLOT RECOMMENDATIONS. Most of them are coming in from specific search engine requests. I am jazzed to see that Californians are active, engaged, and voting. For the original outline, I wanted to especially thank THE LIBERATOR TODAY (apparently Organizing For America sent an email reminder for him to vote; they are in for a surprise, I think). I also wanted to thank LEFT COAST REBEL for spreading the word. Tim has more on California in his PJM report today.

I think this is an exciting development. It means that citizens are no longer looking to the party machines for recommendations — but to citizens who have researched, vetted, and engaged the candidates and investigated ballot measures, who have no intention of promoting a specific party or special interest.

Other SLOBS have great reads today. W.C. Varones outlines what he wants on election night. Beers with Demo has developed a savvy new victory classification scheme involving tequila.

As a reminder, here are Team SLOBs over/under projections for the House and Senate today (in terms of GOP pick-ups)

Mut’s Over/Under
76 House GOP pickup.
10 Senate GOP pickup!

(MUT Note: As of this morning, Gallup puts the enthusiasm gap at 19 points. I may not have been optimistic enough).

W.C. Varones Over/Under
62 House
7 Senate

Doo-Doo Economics/Charles Caesar
66 House
8 Senate

Beers with Demo
58 House
6 Senate

The Liberator Today
55+ House
9 Senate
For bonus points, I predict that at least one Democrat in the House will change parties to Republican after the election, but no senators will, unlike ’94 when Sen. Richard Shelby of AL switched parties.

Lipstick Underground: I don’t have numbers to contribute nationwide…but I do think 3 (at least) house 1 senate for California.

The Anchoress linked to this piece today, which was awesome for me to read as a newbie Catholic: Are US Catholics about to produce one of the biggest ever swings against the Democrats? The take-home message is here:

From Damien Thomas, http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/

And I have to add that Hot Air beat me to the movie analogy of the day: Every Election Day is a celebration, a reminder that no one rules us as long as those in power have to answer for their actions. And when they grow arrogant and stop listening, well …

Check in with HillBuzz today, if you can. They will have some awesome posts — many of which will be headed by “GREAT MERCIFUL ZEUS”. This gem gives us a good indication why Obama is holding a pity presser tomorrow: GREAT MERCIFUL ZEUS: Gay black men in Boystown voting for MARK KIRK for Senate because “Democrats can suck it”


Update 1: As I get a Hot Air field report from our area, I will post it here:

Report 1:

Arrived at the polls in at 7:15AM in the San Diego suburb called Rancho Penasquitos. There was already a considerable line; when I signed in, I peeked at the column under “Party Affiliation,” and saw that 80% were Republicans, suggesting good Karma for Whitman and Fiorina.

Report 2:

From a Republican district in Orange County, California: “I just got back from voting and here is my report; there were 8 voting booths and all was being used when I arrived. Normally when I vote around 9:00am there is only one or two booths being used. I had to wait a few minutes to do my voting and by the time I was leaving there was a line forming. Traffic much more for that time of day.”

Report 3:

Just voted in Riverside, CA, and, for the first time ever, I stood in line to vote.

Report 4:

Just voted in the deep blue West Los Angeles. Poll watchers were there. The crowd was much smaller than 2008. The thing that bugged me was that there was a special table set up for people who speak spanish only. That is where the line was. Don’t remember seeing such a table in 2008.

Report 5:

Californians need to thank the Texas Rangers for the supreme sacrifice they made last night in the World Series! “Operation Hang Over” was timed perfectly for Election Eve! The Streets of San Francisco were filled with loud drunk baseball fans late into the night. I imagine that very few of these fans will be in any shape to vote today. Holding down the liberal San Francisco vote is crucial for California! This might be just enough to save California from a Governor Moonbeam! Please vote for Meg Whitman for Governor! I voted at City Hall on Sunday afternoon. There was a steady stream of voters coming in behind me, but only four people in line in front of me. The line moved quickly as most people were just dropping off absentee ballots. In past years, the line at City Hall has been much longer.

Thank you Texas Rangers! You are true Patriots!

ACE OF SPADES: Dick Morris says we’re heading for an “unbelievable landslide,” based on reports from the ground all over the country. Adds reports of enthusiasm of MA voters for Scott Bielat, who is challenging Barney Franks.

UPDATE (3 PM PT): GOP STRATEGIST SAYS, BASED ON EARLY POLL DATA — “If this holds, we win everything.” Also, this chestnut:

I am told that one Democratic strategist, helping a television network with Election Night analysis, just declared that the Democrats were experiencing something on par with mass murder. The GOP counterpart looked at the same numbers and concluded the Democrats are, so far, not getting the urban turnout they need; suburban and rural areas are seeing big turnouts.



IL 49-43 Kirk [R]… KY 55-44 Paul [R]… NV TIED…

Arkansas: Boozman (R) over Lincoln (D)
Ohio: Portman (R) over Fisher (D)
North Dakota: Hoeven (R) over Potter (D)
Wisconsin: Johnson (R) over Feingold (D)


UPDATE (4 pm PT): Good news/bad news (again via Drudge):

California: Boxer [D] over Fiorina [R}
Florida: Rubio [R] over Crist [I], Meek [D]

Californians — there is still time. You have 4 hours to change this result!

UPDATE 2: I don’t often recommend the NYT, but House and Senate interactive election maps are very well done and fun to use. My beloved husband, Horemheb, and I were conferring about Indiana.

SENATE UPDATE: Dan Coats, Rand Paul and soon Marco Rubio.


UPDATE (5:30 PM PT): Blanche Lincoln of AZ loses to her GOP opponent. Another Senate seat pick-up.And it looks like Virginia went solidly GOP, which means a lot of pickups. Sadly, GOP loses the Senate races in Delaware and Connecticut. I still view Delaware as a Tea Party win, as Mike Castle was a vile representative that co-authored the Disclose Act. I think Coons will be less of a Tea Party enemy.

UPDATE (9:20 PM): I have been watching the Senate results; I am a little bit more sanguine about the sad results in California knowing PA and IL have GOP Senators (especially Kirk in Obama’s old seat). The silver lining in the CA results is that Prop D is trailing badly. I am signing-off, and praying for an Angle win in NV.

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Dear Readers: Hot Air’s latest article indicates a Gallup Poll showing this election going where “no election has gone before“. Of course, this requires that I prepare a Star Trek themed post! 🙂

FLAMING HOT UPDATE: Big Government has a round-up on a scandals and unsavory political dealings involving local candidates — including a personal relationship involving DEMOCRAT BOB FILNER and a Southwest Airlines Employee (Congressman Filner received nearly $30,000.00 from airline and aviation special interest groups, including Southwest Airlines Pilots’ Association PAC. Besides sexual favors, there seem to have been additional perks for the Congressman. At his urging, Filner received free airfare from Southwest Airlines for constituents to travel to Washington, D.C. The Congressman’s own office admits that it enlisted the support of Southwest Airlines to help with transportation expenses for the Chula Vista Park View Little League World Champions to travel to Washington D.C. where they met with President Barack Obama. He also arranged for airfare tickets for high school students from California’s Imperial Valley to travel to the nation’s capital, all free of charge.) Read the Big Government Link Before you vote!

Courtesy of Southern California Tax Revolt Coalition and The Liberator Today, here are some recommendations to consider for tomorrow —

California Propositions
Prop 19 – No* (Marijuana Decriminalized)
Prop 20 – Yes (Resdistricting commission)
Prop 21 – No (Vehicle License fee for parks)
Prop 22 – No (Transport and other tricky provisions)
Prop 23 – YES, Heck Yes (Suspend Cap and Trade)
Prop 24 – No (Repeal of Tax changes)
Prop 25 – No, Heck No (Legislative majority on budget)
Prop 26 – Yes (Supermajority for new taxes and fees)
Prop 27 – No (Eliminate redistricting commission)

*The Liberator Today takes the “YES” position.

San Diego Propositions
Prop A – Yes (Prohibit County project labor agreements)
Prop B – Yes (City Attorneys like civil servants) (my weakest recommendation)
Prop C – Yes (Pacific Highlands Ranch development)
Prop D – NO, Heck NO (Half Cent Sales Tax)
Prop J – No (Parcel tax increase for schrools)

Richard Rider adds:
Prop G – Yes (Citizen vote to raise pensions) Carlsbad
Prop H – No (Raise phone tax) Chula Vista
Prop K – No (School bond) San Marcos
Prop L – No (School bond) Julian
Prop M – No (School bond) Dehesa
Prop O – No (School parcel tax) South Bay
Prop P – No (School bond) Encinitas

California Statewide Office
Governor – Meg Whitman (She made the right enemy: SEIU)
Lt Gov – Karen England (Write In)
Senator – Carly Fiorina
Secretary of State – Damon Dunn
Controller – Tony Strickland
Treasurer – Mimi Walters
Attorney General – Steve Cooley
Insurance Commissioner – Dave Jones (As a Democrat, I can stand behind this recommendation.)

San Diego Candidates:
City Council District 6 – Lorie Zapf (Not a great campaign, but unions are heavy for Wayne)
San Diego School Board – Steve Rosen (only candidate opposing Prop J)

California Judicial November Election Recommendations. It will help Californians sort through the pamphlet crap, and discern who is activist and who actually understands the concept of the “Rule of Law”. A big hat-tip to Charles Caesar for this find.



Left Coast Rebel has a pre-election day summary of important news items!

UPDATE: Here’s an example of the Devil’s choice: For State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Do I choose an SEIU minion or a La Raza one? Tough, but I am going to go with the La Raza-endorsed Larry Aceves — because his endorsements come from primarily from people and not big unions.


Beers with Demo has a post today, featuring a “total destruction” take on the CA Gubernatorial Race: Our desperately needed soul-searching can’t begin under Meg Whitman. California conservatives need to acknowledge that we are a small and impotent minority. We’re not going to lead a change. Just as only Nixon could go to China, only the liberal opinion makers in Hollywood and Silicon Valley can change the state. There needs to be an intellectual civil war on the left in California in order for things to change. The fastest way to that is to elect one of their own to preside over California’s Götterdämmerung.

Frankly, I do not think much of this argument. Here are my reasons, in brief:

* It is our civic duty to select the BEST possible candidate, based on experience and qualifications. I believe it is excessively prideful and not particularly wise to vote to “punish” other citizens to send a political message. If you honestly believe that candidate is Jerry Brown, then OK. But if you are doing it, so that it intentionally hurts fellow Californians (especially small business owners and family), I must disagree with your approach.

* Your vote will have consequences, which may impact you more directly than you may think. For example, mu husband and I are discussing relocation to another state should Brown become Governor — which will take 2 wealth producers OUT of California and place them into other states. We use a wide array of businesses and services in Southern California — and there will be a ripple effect when we are no longer around to contribute. This may ripple-effect back to a business run by you, one of your friends, or one of your close family members.

* Many people took that approach, voting for Obama in 2008. Just look how well that worked out for us!

* For those of you out-of-state people who also are hoping for a Brown victory, just realize this. Should Brown prevail, and he and his union minions crush the California economy completely, other Americans (including YOU) will be likely to foot the bill for this folly.

Meg Whitman is not my all time favorite candidate. But, as her BEST ad yet indicates, she now recognizes her lack of political background. I can tell from personal experience, she has been very high-handed with California’s Tea Party group. However, her ad shows she now recognizes her failings and is likely more persuadable to Tea Party ideas — unlike Jerry Brown.


Site friend, physicist, and involved citizen Matin Fricke has this report from the Proposition 23 front lines:

I’m still contacting folks but have encountered this reply from some who’ve read the Voters Guide crafted by our Atty Gen’l Jerry Brown: “Velero and Tesora are behind this initiative. 97% of the backing money is from the oil industry. The American Lung Association and the Physicians for Social Responsibility oppose this proposition. I trust them more than the oil companies.” The stories about those who are backing NO on Prop 23 haven’t registered (e.g,. Tom Steyer and many multi-$B interests already invested in new “clean energy” companies and startups to rake off taxpayers to fund them). Bloomberg estimated Al Gore could profit by $B’s if cap-and-trade were passed nationally (see, e.g., http://imageevent.com/mpfbaf_news/algoresreasonforglobalwarming).

But, so far, I think the greatest danger I’ve found to the success of Prop 23, and indeed the success of the country on other matters, is the disposition of some who are so fed up with government shenanigans that they don’t plan to vote at all. What a horrible mistake that would be, now that they have a chance to correct things.

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HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! A quote from my favorite scary movie, The Omen, to get us started today. I offer a selection of links and essential pre-election reading for all my Tea Party Friends today. Toward the end of the post, I will list the favorite scary movies of my fellow SLOBs!

Biggest horror alert so far: It has been brought to our attention that hundreds of thousands of ballots printed in Fresno County used an incorrect ballot label to describe Proposition 23 (a critical measure to pass, as it will save California’s economy).

Phone-bank efforts on behalf of Prop. 23 are continuing. Site friend and physicist Martin Fricke sends this report from the front lines:

So far, my phone calls that have contacted people seem to fall into 3 categories:

1. Persons who had already made up their minds to vote Yes on 23 (these are slightly ahead now, but the statistical sample is too small to be meaningful).
2. Persons who are so fed up with everything that they’re not even going to vote (an ominous signal if prevalent).
3. People who say thanks but they don’t want to hear about anything that would delay implementing AB32 (nor want to hear any arguments opposing it).

Now for some scary stories involving “the beautiful people” and their Tea Party Challengers!

* Bob Filner: Zombie Candidate vs American Hero. In this episode, Zombie Filner attacks opponent Nick Popaditch with distortions. Filner’s inept team thought that tainting Popaditch with the accusation that Nick hadn’t voted in 11 years, that smear would go unchallenged. My beloved husband Horemheb indicates that an in-depth search of the facts shows that Nick has regularly voted since 2003. Like most regular Americans — as he got older, he got responsible about doing his civic duty. Intrepid grassroots supporter, Cheryl Perez of Chula Vista Patriots, files this report: HOT TOPIC IN THE SOUTH BAY

The constituents of the 51st Congressional district have also received a Halloween trick from Filner. For the first time in his 18 years as Congressman, Filner has an opponent that he has to put some effort into campaigning against. Everyone I have talked to is saying for the first time they are seeing Filner campaign signs and TV ads. … Politics as usual with ads attacking opponents has to stop. I don’t know the answer to getting rid of negative campaign ads, but I know that I am going to make my voice heard to the TV stations that are running the misleading campaign ads. We have to start somewhere, and cleaning up our own backyard is the best place to start. We need to let local stations and the candidates know that we don’t appreciate our intelligence being insulted in this manner. And let the candidates who have run a clean campaign (Popaditch true to his nature, has run a very clean, positive campaign) know that we appreciate that too. (Check out this CALIFORNIA BELONGS TO MEXICO bonus feature!)

* Boxer: Casino Royale. Left Coast Rebel reports on this stoy: Babs Boxer’s Family Profit from Fake Indian Tribe She Helped Create!.I hope Californians understand she has been working more for her own interest than ours during her tenure as Senator. She must be defeated this Nov. 2nd. The money quotes:

In 1998, Lynn Woolsey introduced legislation reinstating an Indian tribe in the wine country of Northern California that had been declared defunct by the Bureau of Indian Affairs in 1958. None of the Indians of the tribe objected at that time; they received a payment and went about their lives. The Woolsey bill would reinstate the tribe but specifically prohibited them from starting a casino. The legislation ran into trouble when the Bureau of Indian Affairs opposed the legislation because it had not seen any evidence that the tribe was significantly tied to the terminated tribe. In 2000, Boxer helpfully picked up the Woolsey bill, but changed the prohibition against gaming, and designated any land that the group owned to be considered as a reservation….

The tribe turned its fortunes over to two firms to make its dreams of wealth come true — Platinum Advisers, a political consulting/lobbying firm, and Kenwood Investments 2. Amazingly, and I’m certain quite coincidentally, Barbara Boxer’s son, Doug, was a partner in each firm.

* “Restoring Sanity (?), Ground Reports: Demon Seed Does DC.Watching a few clips of this rally, I was sickened. The Beck Rally was an inspirational event, devoted to the best in this country. While I think a joke or two about aspects of the “Restoring Honor” were probably warranted, 2 plus hours of a mean-spirited, small-hearted, America-demeaning mock-a-thon was petty. And, from the comments I read, not terribly entertaining. A thorough and scientific analysis of the crowd size is HERE. A HillBuzz Reader had a ground Report from the event (click HERE).

I exited the Metro Center to meet my group for orientation just as the rally was breaking up. The first thing that I noticed was how loud and rude most of the participants leaving the rally were. The only way I can describe it is to state there was an atmosphere of imperial smugness in the air. Lots of people wearing Ivy league T-shirts and caps (Princeton, Harvard, Rutgers, etc) and T-shirts stating “Educated, Not Ignorant” (ha-ha, take THAT peasants!) …

The third thought which pointed out the difference between the Beck rally and the Stewart rally, besides the mood, tenor and trash, were the signs. The signs I saw at the Stewart rally were rude, obnoxious and accusatory. Lots of foul language, and demonizing of Republicans and Tea Party members, using language and imagery I won’t repeat here. There were also a lot of signs demanding the legalization of marijuana, and demanding that people learn to love muslims. Several signs, “So what if Obama’s muslim”, and “I’m muslim, so you better learn to love me”., and many, “America isn’t just white and Christian”. And “f&ck h8ters” with pictures of Palin, Cantor, etc. ???? Not only were there many signs demanding legalization of marijuana, I can assure you there was a great amount of usage of the “special herb” as well. Again – a definite contrast to the quiet, respectful crowd of 8-28. (For A PHOTO ESSAY ON THOSE SIGNS, PLEASE CLICK HERE).

* Press Sabotage of Joe Miller: Attack of the Mama Grizzly Bear!Two Alaska reporters from a cBS affiliate were making plans to smear Republican Candidate Joe Miller by associating him with a child molester. Needless to say, former Governor Sarah Palin had a few choice words for this cretins.

* Christine O’Donnell: Bewitched. Gawker pays cash for a sex-based smear story focused on the Delaware GOP Senate Candidate (MUT Note — I am not so sure it wasn’t the Republican elites under Rove who is responsible for the story; it is similar to the tactic they used in South Carolina’s primary with Nicky Hailey.) Because, nothing says “detailed platform based on the issues” than pulling out a fake sex story on the Thursday before election day.

* Barney Frank: The Curse of Frank-enstein. Barney turns to Michael Dukakis for rally support.

* Mr. and Mrs. Barak Hussein Obama: Night of the Living Dead. Obama is sending down thugs to intimidate poll-watchers in critical districts in Arizona and Hillbuzz reports the Michelle Obama costumes are now popping-up.


* Temple of Mut: The Omen. My parents, not one for kids films, took my brother and I (aged 9 and 10) to a showing. I went to bed with a glow-in-the-dark virgin Mary for a month afterwards. And we weren’t even Catholic (though the movie may be a reason I became one).

* Doo Doo Economics’ Charles Caesar: ALIEN.

* The Liberator Today: “I would have to say the Korean film “The Host.” It’s realism really sucks you in.” (MUT Note: The Liberator Today offers an essential roundup of ballot recommendations; CLICK HERE FOR A GOOD VOTING GUIDE). \

* W.C. Varones: Jacob’s Ladder. Super scary psychological thriller/horror. It stars Timothy Robbins, who’s a commie wacko, but in some of the best movies of all time: Bull Durham, Shawshank Redemption, Arlington Road, Mystic River. And did you see him as a right-wing populist in Bob Roberts? I totally would have voted for that guy.

* Lipstick Underground: You mean besides anything staring Barbara Streisand? I vote for the 80’s classic “Motel Hell“…terrible name, and supposed to be a comedy/satire, but still UBER creepy.

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Dear Reader: A palate cleanser to follow the comedy rally that wasn’t, here is a truly entertaining video parody from a good friend. It is based on the Olivia Newton John classic, “Hopelessly Devoted to You”.

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Dear Readers: I wanted to wish everyone a happy Halloween. I also wanted to remind everyone that we cannot slow down this weekend — citizen activists must do all they can to promote their causes and candidates — as our Founding Fathers, like George Washington, would have wanted.

MUT and YOUNG PRINCE as George Washington and Betsy Ross!

PHONE BANK!!! Pick a candidate or cause, and spend 30 minutes dialing! My personal choice is YES ON 23! It would be especially helpful if other scientists or environmental professionals could join me. Here is the link: YES ON 23! ACTION FIRST CALL CENTER.

IGNORE THE POLLS!For example, I have a source in the media business who reports that the polls in California are over-representing the Latino vote. The only poll to pay attention to is NOV. 2ND! It is also good to know internal polls indicate that some Tea Party favorites are doing better than the elite media cares to report: GREAT MERCIFUL ZEUS: Christine O’Donnell is going to win in Delaware

STAY HAPPY! It is Halloween — Good Spirits should prevail (and by spirits, I do mean spirits)! 🙂 To that end, here is a fabulous Hitler Parody Video via HillBuzz (Watch quickly, as I don’t know how long it will be up; best line — “When did the deaf pigboy and Hillary supporters become friends?”):


SCARE OUR OPPOSITION: While Jon Stewart and elites party in DC this weekend, there is a lot we can do to challenge those who view us as “the enemy” and want us to go to the “back of the bus”. This includes donating. Here are my picks for money-sending.

Scott Bielat (challenging Fannie-Mae-scandal-meister Barney Frank).
Nick Popaditch (CA-51st, against Blue-Dog-Dem-hater Bob Filner)
Van Tran (CA-47th, against race-baiter Loretta Sanchez)
Ruth McClung (rocket scientists in AZ-7, running against another race baiter, who called for a boycott of his OWN state after SB1070 passed)

Here is a list of more candidates from LEFT COAST REBEL: TOP TEN CANDIDATES TO DONATE TO!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN (though stop back through the weekend, as I will have a list from the SLOBs of scary movies they like best)!

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Dear Friends: A Hungarian adage (sometimes attributed to Stalin) titles today’s golden punditry. Compared to the why I feel today, I have never been truly angry. When did we Americans become so complacent that we — as a people — accept any amount of vote fraud as being OK?

LOOK FOR THE UNION LABEL...on every Deibold Machine!

I have a compendium of horrifying links, just in time for the Halloween Season. I have come to the conclusion that after Nov. 2nd, a key Tea Party focus must be fighting voter fraud before an election. It seems that the GOP elite leadership is doing squat, when case after case of vote tampering is being uncovered 5 days before this historic referendum.

In Pajamas Media, election rights lawyer and American patriot J. Christian Adams has a great post today. If you recall, Adams was the man who blew the whistle on DOJ’s fallacious handling of the New Black Panther case. It is part of the new PJM series on voter fraud: Voter Fraud Watch: A Primer on What to Watch For: The list includes the following:

* Phony voters
* Absentee ballot signature mismatches
* Cash for votes
* Loiterers
* Intimidation of poll watchers
* Software glitches
* Counting errors
* Politicking inside the room
* Would you like to vote a straight party ticket?

I can’t stress this point enough: BRING CELL PHONES/DIGITAL CAMERAS TO THE POLLS AND RECORD ANY PROBLEM. The Temple of MUT and all my fellow SLOB members (see menu to right) will publish any and all accounts of voter fraud problems — and send the information onto interested parties.

The cheaters in this election MUST NOT be allowed to succeed for the sake of our Democracy. As Adams notes:

Poll watchers serve an important role in our elections. They are eyes and ears that make sure illegal behavior is recorded. Naturally, the deployment of dozens of highly trained poll workers in Houston at every early voting site in Houston unsettled some. Law abiding citizens with pen and pad can do more to stop election fraud than anything else. It is no wonder incident after incident of intimidation was directed to the poll watchers. Poll watchers prevent voter fraud. No quarter should be given to those intimidating poll watchers. Get names, tag numbers, physical descriptions of the intimidators, and, if state law allows, video evidence.

The more engaged we are, the less likely the thugs will act.

Speaking of vote fraud, HillBuzz has a behind-the-scenes peek with a political activist that is a must-read: Could the Black Panthers, Voter Fraud, and other illegal Obama 2008 actions be the BIG SCANDAL the “White House Insider” was talking about?

Essentially, the scandal is the Justice Department under Eric Holder and the “Voting Rights acts don’t apply to white people” attitude the Department has taken in regards to the activities of the Black Panthers in 2008. This is the equivalent of someone discovering “plumbers” breaking into the Watergate complex in the Nixon White House. Holder personally ordered the prosecution of the black panthers quashed…on a direct order from “president” Obama.

The reason this scandal is going to explode and be “bigger than Watergate” and could destroy the Democrats is because it ties directly into activities of the Obama campaign in 2008 — where a coordinated voter fraud and intimidation effort was run with ACORN, the SEIU, and the Black Panthers to elect Obama at all costs, using race as a weapon.

(FLAMING CAPITALIST ALERT: HILLBUZZ JUST POSTED A PIECE ON THE DEMOCRAT CIVIL WAR! As a registered Democrat, I can attest to the truth of this!)

A short list of uncovered voter fraud incidents:

*In highly-charged Nevada, SEIU employees are in charge of ballot equipment servicing, These are the machines that are automatically voting Democrat.

* Daytona commissioner arrested for ballot fraud

* Military Vote in Question After DOJ Gives Illinois ‘Pass’ on MOVE Act, Advocacy Group Warns

* North Carolina — Voter reports problem with ballot machine“Sam Laughinghouse of New Bern said he pushed the button to vote Republican in all races, but the voting machine screen displayed a ballot with all Democrats checked. He cleared the screen and tried again with the same result, he said.”

* New ACORN effort mobilizing voters run by woman indicted for violating election laws

* The Mia Familia/SEIU fake signature gathering in Arizona.

* Dallas – More About That Voting Machine “Glitch”where a vote for Gov. Rick Perry appeared to morph into a straight-ticket Green Party vote.

* Michelle Malkin has further details in — The Left’s voter fraud whitewash

Sadly, even fellow SLOB The Liberator Today references the “margin of voter fraud“.

On a personal note, I want to thank Left Coast Rebel‘s Tim Daniel for his link to a recent Nick Popaditch piece I did. I saw Nick on FNC’s Hannity last night, and he was so genuine and engaging. Here is a link to another essential read for today: The Battle for America 2010: Six Days from the Reckoning

Beers with Demo has an update on the 53rd district.

And here is a quote about cheating that I would like to pass onto the GOP elite, even though I am a humble Democrat: “He that’s cheated twice by the same man is an accomplice with the cheater”.

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FLAMING HOT UPDATE: OBAMA’S APPROVAL NUMBERS OFFICIALLY IN THE 30’S!!!!Currently, two-thirds of Americans (67%) have a negative opinion of the job President Obama is doing while just over one-third (37%) have a positive opinion. This continues the president’s downward trend and he is now at the lowest job approval rating of his presidency.

Dear Readers: The title is a quote from the famous “Troubles with Tribbles” Star Trek episode, and seems to be the only sensible explanation for Obama’s recent spate of speeches, in which he tells his “enemies” to “go to the back of the bus“. And his cheating, vote-frauding minions and elite media lapdogs are just like him — Tin Plated Over Bearing Swaggering Dictators with Delusions of Godhood.

(MUT: I used the quote earlier last year, but Obama seems to be doubling-down on delusional godhoodness).

To counter this on this vile rhetoric, I want to provide a few examples of what some all-inclusive, tolerant, liberty-loving Americans are doing to foster wealth creation, real equality, and personal responsibility.

TEA PARTY PATRIOTS TOUR: With ONE WEEK until the election, TPP’s tour moves into hyper-speed on a donated Jet, named Patriot One. The group visited Seattle WA, flew to large rally in Oregon and finished the day in Central California. In the next video,, national coordinators Mark Meckler and Jenny Beth Martin chat with a few fired-up agitators.

NICK POPADITCH UPDATE: I have been following the amazing heart-felt, grassroots efforts from the Chula Vista Patriots. Success! Popaditch will be appearing on the Sean Hannity show tonight. Also, VoteTheBumOut’s Richie sent this piece form WSJ’s John Fund. Guess which district is the top of his “likeliest upsets” list:

California 51 — Rep. Bob Filner hasn’t had a tough race against a Republican in this majority Hispanic district in years. But in 2006, he won only 51% of the Democratic primary vote against then-San Diego City Councilman Juan Vargas. Wounds from that race haven’t fully healed.

Mr. Filner is being challenged by Nick Popaditch, a former Marine officer who won a Silver Star in Iraq and was blinded in one eye by a grenade. Mr. Popaditch hasn’t raised much money, but the district contains many military families who may be drawn to his compelling story. The district, which includes downtown San Diego, is Democratic but George W. Bush won 46% of the vote in 2004, and Arnold Schwarzenegger carried the district by nine percentage points in his 2006 re-election race. This area was the scene of another stunning upset of a Democratic incumbent in the 1980 Reagan landslide, when Republican Duncan Hunter won unexpectedly. His son currently serves in Congress from a different San Diego district.

Really piss Obama off and get a seat even farther back in the bus — DONATE TO NICK POPADITCH (click here).

All I can say, after Nov. 2nd, the back of the bus is going to be packed with enemies. Perhaps, then, Obama and his agenda can be placed under that bus — and then the gears shifted between both “R” and “D” to roll the bus back and forth over the entire, contemptible, tyrannical mess. Bipartisanship, my friends. Sweet bipartisanship!

PROPOSITION 23 PHONE BANK: If you have 30 minutes, and want to help promote YES on 23, please CLICK HERE and donate time (as valuable as money) to the PROPOSITION 23 phone bank efforts. I am hoping to do a bit tomorrow, and I will blog about the experiences.

BEST BUMPER STICKER: Something form Capitalist Hero and Talk Show Divinity, Tammy Bruce:

VOTER FRAUD: I think, given the scope of all the fraud being uncovered by vigilant citizens, that post Nov. 2nd, Tea Party groups should focus on addressing vote fraud. Most Americans are so honest, they cannot comprehend anyone cheating for extra-votes. HillBuzz has a great piece on this subject today:

I want you to join us in a promise: we will force the Republican Party to make combating voter fraud one of their number one priorities. This is something the Tea Party, Momma Grizzlies, and Palin supporters all need to join forces and get behind — and it’s just the sort of thing Governor Palin herself could embrace and be more effective than anyone in history at addressing. Voter Fraud is rampant in this country. Currently, Drudge is running stories about Democrats rigging machines to default vote Democrat in Nevada and North Carolina. Yesterday, we heard about Democrats going to nursing homes in Connecticut and illegally voting for dementia-addled elderly people who don’t know their own names anymore, let alone whom they want to vote for.

As a full homage to Star Trek, here is a video explanation for Obama’s Presidency from a Next Generation perspective:

On a more serious note: Prayers for a speedy recovery to Carly Fiorina!

Update: My Catholic readers may want to read this from Gateway Pundit — Democrats Release Disgusting Anti-Catholic Ad For Final Election Push.

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Dear Readers: One of the key components of a proper Tea Baggin’ attitude is appreciating the fact wealth creation is better than wealth distribution. In fact, The Other McCain has a compendium of fabulous videos by Tea Party hunk, Bill Whittle, that go to this very subject:

* What We Believe Part 1: Small Government and Free Enterprise
* What We Believe Part 2: The Problem With Elitism
* What We Believe Part 3: Wealth Creation

Last week, it became apparent that organized labor was pouring tons of money into this election. Let me put it plainly — the union elites rob their members via dues to use that money for their own interests — not the interest of their employees, their employees’ families, and the citizens they are suppose to serve (if they are public employee unions).

In this vein, I wanted to share a piece that Professor Athena prepared. (MUT Note: Professor Athena is a highly placed professional in the banking and financial services industry).


Not since America’s industrial revolution just prior to the turn of the 20th century and the first organization of American worker unions has there been a bigger chasm dividing the employer and employee. Over a hundred years hence, and pitted politically against one another by those in Washington, D.C. seeking to gain advantage by numbers aligned on their side in the voting booth, we have employers frequently characterized as greedy and downright immoral. This is not that surprising given the emphasis to redistribution of wealth by this administration through tax and regulatory policy and in their class-warfare verbiage.

It is consistent with regard to current lack of action on part of Congress in dealing definitively with income taxes and especially capital gains and estate taxes. Long-term tax planning is a joke. Corporations and individuals alike right now are loathe to spend when they have no idea what their taxes are going to be mere months from now, much less years into the future. This single question hanging right now in the balance is a monstrous drain upon economic activity. It is consistent in the money backing the initiative to increase taxes in the state of Washington (I-1098), where labor is literally seeking to elect their own bosses and collect enough additional revenue to perpetuate their own inflated compensation at the expense of taxpayers. If this initiative passes, the governor elected by the citizens of the state will no longer be able to alter the budget in order to balance shortfalls, as recently-elected Governor Chris Christie has done in New Jersey. Unions are in other words seeking to circumvent the will of the majority to cut government overhead and waste. In a nation where more people are now employed in the public sector than in the private sector, even a third-grader can do the math. It will become through time more difficult to balance tax revenues from the private sector to pay the proportionally larger sector of workers on the public side. We can no doubt look forward at some point in our future, should we fail to reduce the size and scope of government, to riots similar to those already taking place in the U.K. and France. When the private sector eventually balks at paying the tab for ineffective teachers, public employees who have six-figure pension compensation and are “double-dipping” through continued employment in the public sector, and a glut of unmotivated and unproductive government bureaucrats whose only purpose is to push paper to satisfy the ever-increasing federal regulatory burden, the real class warfare battle will be joined.

The Washington Examiner reported at the beginning of the 2010 elections that the AFL/CIO and the SEIU were combining their efforts to the tune of some $88 million to elect Democrats. The AFSME (American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees) as of today holds the record for money spent on political campaigns during one fiscal year by a single group at over $87 million. Taken together, the money being spent on part of unions is frightening. While the President stumps about “special interests” attempting to “buy the election”, it is laughable that he does not appear to admit that public employee unions fall into this category of narrow focus by virtue of seeking to elect the very bosses they work for.

It is also interesting from a historical perspective that demands from today’s unions as far as wages and benefits obscure the real value of being employed today by corporations who go public and allow their employees the benefit of employee stock options and other extremely lucrative benefits. Imagine back in the day of the Vanderbilts and Rockefellers how readily company stock ownership would have been shared with employees. Today’s wage earners in the private sector often have equity. In having such, their workers tend to logically reflect a much greater productivity than that of public sector workers. Sadly, with the onerous burdens being placed on the private sector through taxes and benefits, “our jobs” are so expensive that they are no longer our jobs, and are instead flowing to other countries with much lower tax rates and no mandate to provide health care benefits. If only we could figure out a way to outsource most of the government of California’s customer service jobs (as would no doubt happen if it were private sector jobs we were talking about) we would be talking a balanced state budget next year in the Golden State!

Despite the tsunami of cash from the various public worker unions, the looming election appears poised for a change away from Democrats who ballooned the current federal deficit to over $13 trillion (and that’s not counting Medicare or Social Security). The state of the economy is by far the largest concern on the minds of voters. The question that remains is how much we are all willing to press upon politicians our point that as Americans we deserve fiscal solvency along with a government that does not seek to grow larger and more powerful than the people it represents.

In the capital of Ohio, state home of eight U.S. Presidents, there is chiseled into a downtown building the following quote from Rutherford B. Hayes, 19th President of the United States:

“The whole fabric of society rests upon labor”.

Indeed, this is backwards. The whole fabric of society rests upon those who create the labor, whether it is the farmer in the field with his crop, the small business owner who performs a service, the factory who builds a product, the entrepreneur who designs a new internet application, the capital markets who finance those who seek to expand and grow their capital and invest as opposed to just spend, and even those who educate for tomorrow’s job markets. Without those who create the work, we don’t have the jobs. Or the consumers, or the growth in personal wealth and affluence we have seen in the past century. May such increase in American’s affluence over the past 50 years not become a footnote of what we once were, but instead what we learn from to become an even better economy at inventing, producing, and selling to the world the unique fruits of America’s work.

Sarah Bond, coordinator of the Southern California Tax Revolt Coalition, writes: So Cal Tax Revolt Coalition, as members of Tea Party Patriots, applied for a Get Out The Vote grant from the now famous Anonymous Donor. We applied for a wide variety of media options for spreading the message of voter participation (including radio, print, on-line and billboard ads) so that the donor could select an option that most appealed to his or her vision of this campaign.

Ultimately our Billboard design and campaign was selected and we are excited to announce that on this coming Monday, October 25th that THIRTY billboards will go up all over San Diego!!

NOTE: This was a ONE TIME $12K dollar donation to our organization to be used ONLY on the Get Out The Vote campaign. These funds cannot be used for our day-to-day operating expenses.

MUT News and Views

As your resident Tea Party Democrat, I wanted to let you know I have located a Democrat we can rally behind: “He (Obama) can take his endorsement and really shove it”, said Rhode Island Democratic gubernatorial candidate Frank Caprio. “We had one of the worst floods in the history of the United States a few months back and President Obama didn’t even do a fly over of Rhode Island. He ignored us and now he’s coming into Rhode Island and treating us like an ATM machine”.

I think Caprio might chill a bit by watching this wonderful video by W.C. Varones brother — Tea Baggin’ (a musical parody to the tune of Free Falling by Tom Petty).

Michelle Malkin has a timely reminder of Voter Fraud, and how to try and stem illicit vote gathering by Tea Party opponents.

Gateway Pundit has a list of 99 key races to watch on election night.

HillBuzz is publishing outstanding ground reports from around the country, and they had a GREAT MERCIFUL ZEUS alert today involving Tea Party Hero Andrew Breitbart.

Finally, the Anchoress has her own list of essential reading — including to a link on a rare, non-partisan CBS 60 Minutes story about the true level of unemployment. How did that get past the CBS editors?

SLOB Round-up

Beers with Demo deconstructs the latest inanity involving Maureen Dowd, Marilyn Monroe, and Sarah Palin. Beers with Demo — here is a graphic that you can share, which should really upset Dowd!

The Liberator Today has more on the close vote related to Proposition D (VOTE NO!).

Shane Atwell: Defund NPR

Speaking of election fraud, W.C. Varones covers the Democratic Party support of fake Tea Party Candidates.

I am formally adding a new SLOB: Lorraine Yapps Cohen. She writes – Just like New Jersey, California can redeem itself at the polls on Nov. 2

Finally, Left Coast Rebel publishes his list of the TOP TEN CANDIDATES TO DONATE TO!Please check it out.

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Leftist trolls post on as many websites as possible that the TEA BAGGER lost.

To fully understand these dynamics, please check out the substantially under-publicized one-and-only debate between NICK POPADITCH and BOB FILNER.


The day after this debate, my main post on Filner (“CALIFORNIA belongs to MEXICO”: Congressman Bob FILNER’s (CA51) Office Fan-atic) is inundated with comments from “concerned conservative voters”. These “concerned conservatives” were disappointed by Popaditch’s performance.

LMAO! This type of activity is the first lesson taught in astro-turfing school.

Hey, trolls, let me share something with you. I am a graduate of the HILLBUZZ ACADEMY OF EXCEPTIONAL ACTIVISM. That stunt just doesn’t work anymore.

See also this great video for further proof that leftist troll tactics are just not that effective in a Tea Baggin world:

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