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Dear Readers: I hope the Thanksgiving break was a festive one. Like some of my other favorite pundits, I wanted to take today to draw your attention to some news and posts that may have passed by quickly while we were all on a tryptophan high.

It seems that President Vacation and First Lady Fiesta were snacking and gaming while a good portion of the world went into the crapper. This news and image comes via Tammy Bruce: The Absent President: The World Burns, Obama Plays

Via Tammy Bruce

One key element that I wanted to highlight from Tammy’s synopsis: FEDS WARN UNEMPLOYMENT RATE COULD DOUBLE GREAT DEPRESSION!!!!

I warned last week that a recession and higher unemployment were about to hit the U.S. economy. On Tuesday, the Bureau of Economic Analysis cut their estimate of growth in the third quarter ending September from 2.5% to 2%. Then on Wednesday, the Federal Reserve rocked financial markets by forcing America’s 31 largest U.S. banks to “stress test” balance sheets to determine their capability to withstand an 8% drop in the economy; which would cause home prices to plunge by 21%, and unemployment rate to jump to 13%.

I highlighted the key sentence. I suspect that the 8% drop test stems from the impending collapse of the Euro, and the fact China’s expanding markets are so closely tied to Europe. The potential impact on the American economy and its banks is the reason I think corruptocrat Barney Frank is not seeking re-election — a rat fleeing a sinking ship.

Before you get too happy, Smitty of the Other McCain reminds everyone who will be taking over as senior Dem on the Banking Committee.

I had a chat with Professor Athena this morning, as I think the media and the Obama Administration are working in tandem to divert our attention as the the dire nature of this situation. Professor Athena assured me that US Banks were better capitalized and not heavily invested in the Euro. However, we both suspect that Europe will suck the rest of the world into a a whirlpool of fiscal chaos.

From: The Cotton Boll Conspiracy

Another item that caught my eye this weekend was local. It seems our band of blithering fiscal idiots, known as Occupy San Diego, thinks the most sensible approach to promoting their message is terrorizing women and children. Lipstick Underground has this report, which includes video, on this group invading a Wal-Mart on Black Friday.

What better way to recruit the downtrodden of the 99% than by ruining their best chance to purchase affordable shoes, toys, appliances and clothing…at least that’s what the wing-nuts over at Occupy San Diego think. They filled 75 carts full of product, blocked the check-out aisles, chanted about the evils of low-priced shopping, and left their mess for the shoppers to weave through and employees to clean up. T…

And, as a mother, what horrifies me most, is how they boxed in families during the stunt. One mother with a stroller, a small boy and a baby in her arms, has no where to go. If that was me, I would have been angry and terrified. One wrong move by anyone in that crowd and things would have turned dangerous in a flash.

It’s so bad, even tender-hearted B-Daddy has given up on the Occupoopers.

A beloved friend of the Shrine sent this Wall Street Journal piece detailing more shenanigans related to Climate-Gate:

Last week, 5,000 files of private email correspondence among several of the world’s top climate scientists were anonymously leaked onto the Internet. Like the first “climategate” leak of 2009, the latest release shows top scientists in the field fudging data, conspiring to bully and silence opponents, and displaying far less certainty about the reliability of anthropogenic global warming theory in private than they ever admit in public.

Fellow SLOB Charles Caesar prepped a graphic that sums it nicely:

Hat-Tip: Doo Doo Economics

I wanted to give a shout-out to Beers with Demo today, whose blog mysteriously disappeared this weekend. We suspect hacking. This has sent a chill throughout our pundit pack, and we are making plans to address potential leftist tactics to silence us during the 2012 election cycle.

My title today comes from a quote from President Dwight D. Eisenhower. I suspect the Obama’s would amend it thusly: “Some people deserve champagne and caviar, others beer and hot dogs. We deserve it all.”

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Dear Readers: As Horemheb is enjoying “FUNemployment” under Obama’s economy of hope-for-change, I have been focused on building my consulting/technical writing business. So, I have had neither the time or energy to opine as often before, especially in light of the disheartening news that our elite representatives don’t seem to be adopting the proper Tea Party tone regarding the economy. However, I just got some news that lightened my heart, and I had to share with you.


FIRE IS BACKING CARB WHISTLEBLOWER DR. JIM ENSTROM, AND HAS MANAGED TO EXTEND IS CONTRACT THAT WAS UNDER THREAT UNTIL APRIL 4. FIRE is the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education. It has always been one of my personal favorite organizations, and I am thrilled it is supporting Dr. Enstrom. The full details on FIRE’s case can be found by clicking HERE.

CLICK HERE for a link to an exceptional video:

In 2005 Enstrom authored an extensive study that found no relationship between diesel particulates and premature deaths. He says his study, as well as other evidence that agrees with it, have been ignored by an agency bent on passing ever more stringent regulations regardless of their effect on California’s economy.

Enstrom blew the whistle on CARB for, among other things, failing to publicize that the lead author of the study that was used to justify the new regulations falsified his education history (he purchased his PhD from an online diploma mill).

But UCLA didn’t come to Enstrom’s defense. In fact, officials informed him that, after 34 years at the university, he was out of a job.

“The environmental regulation machine in powerful in California,” says Adam Kissel of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, which is defending Enstrom in the fight to keep his job. “When Dr. Enstrom went up against that machine he was retaliated against.”

Even better news comes via Hot Air today: CA legislators threaten hearings if UCLA fires CARB whistleblower:

Enstrom will meet with University of California chancellor Gene Block on Monday to start the appeal of his dismissal, but that may not be the last word. According to FIRE, which has come to Enstrom’s defense, twelve members of the state Assembly have warned Block that they will hold public hearings into the UC system’s handling of academic freedom if Enstrom’s termination is not rescinded.


Just a reminder: SoCal Tax Revolt Coalition has been of the forefront of supporting Dr. Enstrom. To review our early work, please check out my piece detailing CARB’s nefariousness in August, 2009: <a href="https://templeofmut.wordpress.com/2009/08/05/california-eco-bureaucrats%E

“None of this is real,” said the then acting California Air Resources Board (CARB) Scientific Review Panel (SRP) Chairman John Froines during a 1998 Scientific Review Board Meeting. During the discussions, panel chose to rely on bad data to craft regulations now killing small businesses throughout the state. The comment referred to the data being considered as the basis for developing rules that controlled levels of particulate matter from diesel exhaust. Though the numbers were unreal, the unintended consequences of CARB rule enforcement based on voodoo science is very real.2%80%99-voodoo-science-kills-jobs/”>California Eco-Bureaucrats’ Voodoo Science Kills Jobs


Speaking of Heroes, check out a few from Japan on my faith blog: Japan’s Heroes, Guardian Angels, and Blessed Virgin of Akita. It has links to donation sites specifically recommended by the former Honorary Counsel General of Japan.

W.C. Varones also has a great take on Dr. Enstrom’s situation.

Beers with Demos has a great review of the news this week.

B-daddy cover’s CA’s own Darryl Issa’s request for Freedom of Information Act items being igonored fully by this administration.

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Dear Readers: Regular visitors to the Shrine followed the efforts of California’s Tea Party groups (including the Southern California Tax Revolt Coalition) to promote Proposition 23 in November’s General Election. Proposition 23 would have delayed the implementation of California’s version of Cap&Trade (aka AB-32 – Global Warming Solutions Act). Sadly, it went down to defeat (and, even more sadly, it seems our opponents think it hurt Texas oil companies more that it will hurt California’s citizens). However, there was a proposed ruling issued yesterday that gives our team good hope that the impact of the economy-crushing AB-32 will be nullified:

Calif. cap-trade plan dealt blow by S.F. judge, by Wyatt Buchanan

The California Air Resources Board violated state environmental law in 2008 when it adopted a comprehensive plan to reduce greenhouse gases and again last year when it passed cap-and-trade regulations, a San Francisco Superior Court judge has ruled in a tentative decision.

….In his decision, Superior Court Judge Ernest Goldsmith ruled that the air board approved the larger plan to implement AB32 prior to completing the required environmental review, and that the board failed to adequately consider alternatives to cap and trade.

Superior Court Judge Ernest Goldsmith determine that the air board approved the blarge-scale implementation plans for AB32 without properly conducting an environmental review or considering alternatives to Cap and trade.

I must note that the plaintiffs are not exactly Tea Party types: The plaintiffs, who include “the Association of Irritated Residents”, initially backed AB32 and were opponents of Proposition 23. It seems these plaintiffs have problems with the ethics of how the Global Warming Solutions Act would be implemented.

Welcome to the Tea Party, my friends. You all may want to check out this website, to get a full scope of the eco-tyrants that YOUR ideology has inflicted on the rest of California’s wealth producers.

Anthony Watts of Watts Up with That (a great website mingling science, culture, and commentary) had an assessment of the Proposition 23 battle that should be reviewed by ALL CALIFORNIANS in light of the proposed ruling: A money quote is: And while we are on the subject of money, I want to say that money has turned the Prop 23 issue into a veritable circus here. TV radio and web is being carpet bombed with anti prop 23 ads. It’s so bad that some other political candidates are complaining they can’t buy ad space on radio and TV.

One of the main anti-Prop 23 contributors was Hollywood’s James Cameron (he of the Titanic fame), who will never have to worry about making payroll for a small business nor making a decent salary for his family. Never forget the Ruling Class includes entertainment elites!

The rest of Watt’s analysis is essential Tea Party reading (click HERE to do so).

While I am not thrilled at who brought to lawsuit, the fact is I am delighted with the outcome. I will keep an eye on this situation closely. It seems like CARB isn’t the only rogue agency we need to worry about, either. They are all around is, it seems.

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Dear Readers: It seems a lot of my Republican friends are super-duper excited about Jon Huntsman (former Governor of Utah) resigning as Ambassador to China so that he can run for President in 2012. They seemed as happy with that as the voiding of Obamacare. The fact that it tweaked Obama’s plans is a delicious bonus:

“Betrayal”? One of the reasons they made him ambassador was to take him out of the field for 2012. They tried to use him, and instead he used them to burnish his foreign policy cred. Turnabout, fair play, etc.

However, there is no joy for me. Huntman is essentially a global warming activist dressed up as a conservative. Proof? Check this link: Governors Challenge Congress to Cap Global Warming Pollution in New TV Ad. Watch the video, and weep. He appears with our former governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, to extol the joys of Cap&Trade. Meanwhile, Californians fleeing our state’s version of this green law are often landing in Utah.

So, at this point, the only 2 candidates hinting that they may be in that excite me are Mitch Daniels (who swatted the public service employees unions on his first day in office) and Sarah Palin (her WTF statement on SOTU is the kind of direct, but sensible, perspective that makes me appreciate how much she would shake things up). Just to let you know: FEBRUARY 2011 IS PALIN-PALOOZA AT THE SHRINE. Elite media types want to use this month to go silent on Sarah; frankly, they can kiss my TEA PARTY POSTERIOR.



So, for this month, ALL my posts will have Palin in the title. ALL My articles we have egregious Palin references. And, I will link profusely to her key support sites: HELLO TO CONSERVATIVES4PALIN.

Now, onto some science for today:


“HEATED RHETORIC?” Climate Expert Reviews Hard Data; Concludes Natural Causes for Global Warming.

With all this discussion about “heated rhetoric”, I wanted to return to a discussion involving both heat and rhetoric – that covering Anthropogenic (Man-Caused) Global Warming (AGW). To bring everyone up to speed: California is poised to implement the country’s only version of Cap&Trade based on a scientific fraud, with that implementation occurring at the hands of one of the most draconian, punitive, power-mongering bureaucracies known to man.

The proponents of the AGW state that there is “scientific consensus” and little disagreement with their conclusions. It has been my pleasure to meet some of the best scientists in this country, and they have the following message: THERE IS NO CONSENSUS ON MAN-MADE GLOBAL WARMING. I had the chance to hear Dr. S. Fred Singer speak during a presentation by the Lynceans. There were AWG proponents in the audience. There was debate. There was no consensus. Yet, it was a very polite and civilized exchange of data and interpretations.

Singer is the Professor Emeritus of Environmental Sciences, University of Virginia and the Chairman of the NIPCC (Non-governmental International Panel on Climate Change). His NIPCC group, among other activities, analyzes the data utilized by the IPCC (the United Nation’s International Panel on Climate Change. The IPCC says these data demonstrate that man is causing global warming. However, using the same material, the NPICC asserts that 20th century global warming was the result of natural causes. Singer theory is that the bulk of climate change is the result of natural causes.

“The IPCC used adjustable parameters,” noted Singer. “The analysis is simply an exercise in curve-filling. The NIPCC emphasizes a broad collection of real data.” To sum-up for the non-scientist:

• IPCC relies on computer models, in which many different parameters can be selected at the discretion of the individual scientist.
• NIPCC uses almost exclusively real data actually attained in the real world.

Nothing beats using real data to do real science!

Below is a graph that displays the difference between the models and the hard data. the context is the prediction by the climate models (shown in red) that there should be a “hot spot” at upper altitudes in the tropical zone – an altitude where the temperature would increase much faster than it does on the surface. This hot spot would then be a “fingerprint” of human-caused greenhouse gas warming. The problem is that the observations (blue and green) do not find such a hot spot, when data taken over several decades are compiled. The warming trend is observed trend actually decreases with increasing height in the atmosphere, and there is actual cooling at some altitudes.

“When the IPCC report was released, and it became apparent the observations of actual data did not agree with the model, they fudged,” Singer said. “The IPCC’s Executive Summary simply said there was some trouble with the tropical zone But the tropical zone is important because of its large area and the huge amount of energy it receives from the sun.

Singer and his team then prepared a report in March 2008: Nature, Not Human Activity, Rules the Climate. The NIPCC took a look at the collected data and came to the conclusion that natural causes impacted the climate most significantly. The IPCC would have none of that! Supporters of strong anthropogenic global warming prepared a counter-report, based on even more computer model information (the core of that analysis is presented graphically below). The green curve is typical of the actual data obtained from balloons over several decades, and the thick black curve is an average of the model predictions.

Singer explained that the IPCC did its best to make it seem like the computer models used actually mirrored the data collected from balloons and satellites. “The trends from the re-analysis are spurious,” noted Singer.

Singer then turned to a display of the actual satellite-measured global average temperature.

Singer discussed a better way to analyze the data: The degree change per decade over a 30-plus period of time in the Middle and Lower Troposphere – which shows no truly significant change, especially in the last few years.

Singer covered one of the major problems with the IPCC computer models: chaos. “The models are non-liner differential equations, which by their nature are highly chaotic. The trend line calculated during one run can be ten times of another. Models produce results that are highly variable.” This graphic shows how variable the model results can be:

How many runs does a computer model need to complete before it stops being so variable? To examine this, he used 1000 years of temperature data, dividing it into 25 chunks of 40 years each and using an “unforced model.” Singer found fairly steady results after a minimum of about 10 runs.

How many runs do the IPCC model results rely on? “Running ten models would be very expensive; about half the 22 data points the IPCC used were based on 1-2 runs, and the most runs on a model would be about five. Furthermore, because the IPCC is international, it had to use data from all models submitted – not necessarily the just best ones.”

“Nature changes climate all the time; the time-scale is what differs,” described Singer. “Over millions of years, it is plate tectonics; over hundreds-of-thousands of years, it is changes in the Earth’s orbit; over decades, it is solar activity.”

Singer points to stalagmite records in Oman as just one of the many proofs that the climate is influenced the most by solar activity. The cave readings show Carbon-14 levels (a proxy for solar activity) is directly proportional to Oxygen-18 levels (a recognized proxy for temperature). When the sun is more active, the Earth is warmer. This same fluctuation is also observed on other planets.

What can be done about climate change? Lorraine Yapps Cohen sums up Singer’s thoughts in her piece:

Breaking from protocol with a few economic and political remarks, Singer announced that climate change is a non-problem. Regarding politicians holding climate change as a social issue, Singer lamented that they’re destroying the economy.

“The best solution is to do nothing,” he said, adding an opinion that “it takes real courage for politicians to do nothing.” After all, politicians must think we elect them to do something, even if that something does nothing, costs dearly, or, at the worst, ruins the nation.”

Dr. Singer’s authoritative grasp of climate science was fully evident. During and after the talk, an attendee from the Scripps Institute of Oceanography argued that Singer was ignoring the basic temperature trends. He was not; rather Singer was dissecting the trend data to examine what was happening at higher altitudes in the Tropical Zone. Dr. Singer simply replied “That’s interesting” and was seen later giving the SIO gentleman a consultation.

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Dear Readers: Over the New Year’s weekend, my beloved husband Horemheb said I should give up on California activism, as this state is beyond saving. I countered, saying that I hoped to inspire other Americans to assist, as they would be bailing us out anyway if they did not help us resolve some problems. Also, California is sort of like a multi-car pile-up: You feel compelled to watch, and tell others what you saw.

Before I discuss our new-old Governor, I wanted to share this chestnut about our former Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Both Horemheb and I agreed that we were sorry for recalling Grey Davis and electing Arnie (mea culpa – I have the greater blame, having passed petitions in my first act of citizen activism). Yesterday, he did something utterly contemptible: Commuted the sentence of a thug who is serving time for his involvement in the fatal stabbing of a young, college student who had the temerity to deny this privileged gangster entrance to a party.

Why? The thug, Estaban Nunez, is the son of former California Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez. His dad and Arnie have been wheeling and dealing together for quite some time. One of SCTRC’s team bloggers, Charles Caesar said: “When I heard this, I was with the most liberal guy that I know and we both about spit our beers out! Unbelievable!”

Yes, our Governors do tend to have this effect on people:

Now, here is the truth about Jerry Brown’s true definition of “green energy”: Tailoring environmental policies so that he can be enriched with our dollars. Here is how its done ( courtesy of SCTRC’s Sarah Bond and a facebook buddy)


1) Form close ties with foreign oil interests. In this case, Jerry Brown and his family get a lot of money from and Indonesia Oil firm to sell in the state of California.

2) Amend energy policy beneficial to your business interests. In this example, California Air Resource Board (CARB) reduced the amount of sulfur allowed in gasoline. Now, Indonesia’s oil is the only match. Shocking, I know! (Note: Chevron tired to sell American crude from Alaska, but were not permitted to do so.).

3) Demean any entity that complains of being “a big time, evil, oil company that pollutes”.

4) Promote and reward the environmental agency that assisted you most heavily, especially its scientifically ignorant, environmentally activist Chairwoman.

5) Repeat 1-4, as needed.

“The story, in short, is that after Jerry Brown’s dad, Edmund G. “Pat” Brown, left the California governorship, the elder Brown gained Indonesia’s dictators as clients. They set him up as California broker for Indonesian oil. His fee was a rake off from each barrel imported by California companies – a lucrative deal from which son Jerry still benefits.”

Adding to the fragrance of this deal was a ruling by the Democrat-controlled California Air Resources Board, which set the standard for sulfur content slightly below that of Alaskan crude, assuring Pertamina – Indonesia’s place as a monopoly supplier to Golden State power plants.”

(The source items include – BROWN’S LINK TO INDONESIAN FIRM via the Lodi News-Sentine and Cal Watchdog’s BROWN SCANDAL RESURFACING)

This handbook of environmental chicanery is going right next to my other one:

More on CARB and its impact on California business can be found here: A Green CARB Overload

Joe Vranich, The Business Relocation Coach, keeps track of companies leaving the state to relocate in business-friendly states. As of October, he had calculated that 193 companies left California in 2010. But on Dec. 6, Vranich added another 35 to the list. “35 companies have left California completely, or re-directed substantial capital to build facilities out of state that in an earlier era would have been built here,” he wrote.

While the state of the state crumbles, Schwarzenegger and his green cronies can crow all they want about green technologies while jumping on the gravy train of federal funds.

Phelan summed it up best:, “Add to GM’s checkered record, and it’s a short trip from poorly reported blogs to ‘everybody knows’ GM lied about whether the car is really electric. If you don’t believe Parks and the independent testers who’ve driven the car, though, ask the federal government. It has approved the Volt for a $7,500 tax credit that only applies to electric vehicles. Hybrids need not apply.”

Green technology alone will not pull California up from the abyss – not as long as another 228 companies are saying ‘So Long’ to California in 2010.


MUT’s News and View

* B-Daddy of the Liberator Today is asking everyone to be careful of a new petition being peddled: “Term Limits for School Board.” Though it sounds good, it turns out it may be a power-play for elite teacher union leadership.

The petition drive is the brain child of an innocuous sounding group called San Diegans 4 Greater Schools. Scott Himmelstein is the organizer and he is given a full page to explain himself in the VOSD. My key problem is that four of the nine members of the school board would be appointed by people based on their positions as leaders of committees that are part of education/community partnerships. Such a plan has two key drawbacks, of which I am sure that Mr. Himmelstein is aware, but isn’t discussing. First, these well meaning and dedicated people are, by the nature of their volunteer efforts, part of the education establishment. They wouldn’t have been elevated to their positions without being able to work effectively with the educracy. This plan is a clever way for the education establishment to pick its own board. Look at the people who would be on the nominating committee if this plan were in effect today, and tell me honestly that these people aren’t education insiders. I have no problem with their work, I just don’t think they should be appointing members of the board.

* Michelle Malkin is reporting about an Obamacare Waiver for all of us, coming January 12.

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Dear Readers: The weekend after the Nov. 2nd election, I popped in one of my favorite DVDs: 1984’s Dune. The following clip, in which Duke Leto Atreides discussing an impending interplanetary move to his son, is a personally inspiring scene.

The following line has become my new mantra: The sleeper must awaken.

Per my post about California’s election results, I have gone forward in my relocation efforts. That is part of the reason I have been posting less. Like Leto, I will miss the sea. However, quality of life and prosperity considerations have forced some long-term goal shifting. However, until we make the move, I will continue to be active in making Californians aware of all the issues pertinent to their families.

In fact, I was recently asked to opine about a national-level issue: The supposed federal employee pay freeze. During the actual interview, I spent more time expressing concerns about the state — as California digs itself deeper into a budgetary grave, this fact will impact everyone here more deeply than White House Kabuki Theater.

Site friend and science activist Roger Cohen has been keeping me apprised of some horrendous regulatory tactics being taken by the California Air Resources Board. CARB PASSES A LAW THAT “FORBIDS” CITIZENS TO DISAGREE WITH THEM!

This is so insane it almost sounds made up, but it is very true. CARB bureaucrats recently announced their intentions to forbid citizens from making “untrue” statements – and who decides what is and is not true? CARB. And what happens if they deem your opinion incorrect? “Penalties.” 

Anthony Watts of Watt’s Up with That has the followiing view of CARB’s terror tactic, with which I strongly agree:

The California Air resources Board is quickly becoming the most dangerous bureaucratic organization in California. This latest contempt for a public that questions the validity of their mission is way over the top. As the headline says, CARB is actively considering:

a proposed regulation which would prohibit dishonest statements or submittals offered to the Board or to its staff.

Guess who gets to determine the “dishonesty” of a “statement or submittal” to CARB?

Of course, it’s OK if CARB makes a 340% error of their own while using false data to impose their will on the people of California. And of course it’s OK to publicly flaunt the ugly hubris of the CARB boss Mary Nichols rubbing her glee in the face of the citizens of California that voted for Prop 23. And of course it’s OK to simply demote a CARB “scientist” who lied about his PhD degree obtained from a UPS store rather than fire his fraudulent bureaucratic butt and then stage a cover up about it. But, when a citizen submits some data or opinion to CARB that they may later find questionable? Well, that’s a whole different matter.

What a bunch of self serving, holier than thou, public sector putzes!

Sowell’s Law Blog has a detailed legal analysis of CARB’s proposed rule making, that is well worth reading in its entirety. However, the essential line from this delightful analysis is this: What is required is some brave organization, or person, who is willing to risk the penalties, whatever they turn out to be, if convicted, to make the case before CARB that their IPPC-following science is wrong. The 60′s are upon us again. Many a protester went to jail in the 60′s in the USA to prove the strength of their beliefs.

Roger notes: It is unfortunate that CARB seems to be moving to intimidate scientists who may have findings and views differing from those favored by the Board’s agenda. CARB and their supporters clearly don’t like challenges to the bogus science that underpins that agenda, whether it is global warming, small particulates, or you-name-it. They may well believe that by having the threat of prosecution hang over such challenges, scientists will hesitate to bring alternative views forward. Also it may not be a coincidence that this follows so soon after the election; they may feel emboldened to try to cut down on opposition. This would certainly be against the best interests of the citizens of California, who stand to benefit from a consideration of all scientific points of view.

Many of my readers will recall the voters of the state bought the inanity that Proposition 23 (the measure that would have merely delayed our state’s implementation of its Cap & Trade law until we had reasonable employment levels) was somehow supported by “big oil polluters”. Sadly, many of California’s green dreamers will soon learn that these companies — all complaint with a myriad of environmental regulations anyway — were the “wealth producers”. I have been chatting with many small business owners recently, and all are considering moves to other states because of the terrible economic climate our regulators have imposed.

With that in mind, one of my favorite San Diego citizen activists, Richard Rider, posted this hot news item: CA corporate income tax receipts plummet 41.6%

I stumbled across a new depressing California factoid to consider. Comparing the second quarter of 2009 with 2010, California corporate income tax receipts dropped a breathtaking 41.6%. That is a stunning reduction in one year. Only rust belt Ohio was worse.

Any chance these two news items are connected? I will let Richard answer: With California’s unique AB32 global warming law becoming effective in 2011, we soon should be able to sprint past Ohio in our race to the bottom.

I left Michigan in 1985, because of concerns about long-term job prospects. They way I see it, I have about a year before the fit hits the shan in this state. Speaking of fit hitting the shan — an expression I heard from LARRY ELDER on his radio show, it seems the SAGE is BACK. He is on KABC 790, opposite Rush. However, podcasts are available on his website. Please contact KABC and thank them, and give this wonderful libertarian-oriented patriot a listen. (His podcast about California is here).

Larry Elder - KABC 790 - 9 am - Noon!

Roger’s wife and fellow SLOB, Lorraine, has been following the realities of the one thing that marketed to be the savior of world (global-warming-wise, that is): Hybrid Cars.Her conclusion: Only a super-pricey Porche 918 Spyder hydrid is worthy. Obviously, Lorraine is a woman of great sense and good taste. She also discussions the real reasons why electric cars are not big sellersand looks under the hood of the “car-of-the-year”, the Chevy Volt.

Site friend Anthony Porello has also been keeping me apprised of California. Here is a list of state agencies, with unionized employees with golden pensions and guaranteed raises:

California Academic Performance Index (API) * California Access for Infants and Mothers * California Acupuncture Board * California Administrative Office of the Courts * California Adoptions Branch * California African American Museum * California Agricultural Export Program * California Agricultural Labor Relations Board * California Agricultural Statistics Service * California Air Resources Board (CARB) * California Allocation Board * California Alternative Energy and Advanced Transportation Financing Authority * California Animal Health and Food Safety Services * California Anti-Terrorism Information Center * California Apprenticeship Council * California Arbitration Certification Program * California Architects Board * California Area VI Developmental Disabilities Board * California Arts Council * California Asian Pacific Islander Legislative Caucus * California Assembly Democratic Caucus * California Assembly Republican Caucus * California Athletic Commission * California Attorney General * California Bay Conservation and Development Commission * California Bay-Delta Authority * California Bay-Delta Office * California Biodiversity Council * California Board for Geologists and Geophysicists * California Board for Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors * California Board of Accountancy * California Board of Barbering and Cosmetology * California Board of Behavioral Sciences * California Board of Chiropractic Examiners * California Board of Equalization (BOE) * California Board of Forestry and Fire Protection * California Board of Guide Dogs for the Blind * California Board of Occupational Therapy * California Board of Optometry * California Board of Pharmacy * California Board of Podiatric Medicine * California Board of Prison Terms * California Board of Psychology * California Board of Registered Nursing * California Board of Trustees * California Board of Vocational Nursing and Psychiatric Technicians * California Braille and Talking Book Library * California Building Standards Commission * California Bureau for Private Postsecondary and Vocational Education * California Bureau of Automotive Repair * California Bureau of Electronic and Appliance Repair * California Bureau of Home Furnishings and Thermal Insulation * California Bureau of Naturopathic Medicine * California Bureau of Security and Investigative Services * California Bureau of State Audits * California Business Agency * California Business Investment Services (CalBIS) * California Business Permit Information (CalGOLD) * California Business Portal * California Business, Transportation and Housing Agency * California Cal Grants * California CalJOBS * California Cal-Learn Program * California CalVet Home Loan Program * California Career Resource Network * California Cemetery and Funeral Bureau * California Center for Analytical Chemistry * California Center for Distributed Learning * California Center for Teaching Careers (Teach California) * California Chancellors Office * California Charter Schools * California Children and Families Commission * California Children and Family Services Division * California Citizens Compensation Commission * California Civil Rights Bureau * California Coastal Commission * California Coastal Conservancy * California Code of Regulations * California Collaborative Projects with UC Davis * California Commission for Jobs and Economic Growth * California Commission on Aging * California Commission on Health and Safety and Workers Compensation * California Commission on Judicial Performance * California Commission on State Mandates * California Commission on Status of Women * California Commission on Teacher Credentialing * California Commission on the Status of Women * California Committee on Dental Auxiliaries * California Community Colleges Chancellors Office, Junior Colleges * California Community Colleges Chancellors Office * California Complaint Mediation Program * California Conservation Corps * California Constitution Revision Commission * California Consumer Hotline * California Consumer Information Center * California Consumer Information * California Consumer Services Division * California Consumers and Families Agency * California Contractors State License Board * California Corrections Standards Authority * California Council for the Humanities * California Council on Criminal Justice * California Council on Developmental Disabilities * California Court Reporters Board * California Courts of Appeal * California Crime and Violence Prevention Center * California Criminal Justice Statistics Center * California Criminalist Institute Forensic Library * California CSGnet Network Management * California Cultural and Historical Endowment * California Cultural Resources Division * California Curriculum and Instructional Leadership Branch * California Data Exchange Center * California Data Management Division * California Debt and Investment Advisory Commission * California Delta Protection Commission * California Democratic Caucus * California Demographic Research Unit * California Dental Auxiliaries * California Department of Aging * California Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs * California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control Appeals Board * California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control * California Department of Boating and Waterways (Cal Boating) * California Department of Child Support Services (CDCSS) * California Department of Community Services and Development * California Department of Conservation * California Department of Consumer Affairs * California Department of Corporations * California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation * California Department of Developmental Services * California Department of Education * California Department of Fair Employment and Housing * California Department of Finance * California Department of Financial Institutions * California Department of Fish and Game * California Department of Food and Agriculture * California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CDF) * California Department of General Services * California Department of General Services, Office of State Publishing * California Department of Health Care Services * California Department of Housing and Community Development * California Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) * California Department of Insurance * California Department of Justice Firearms Division * California Department of Justice Opinion Unit * California Department of Justice, Consumer Information, Public Inquiry Unit * California Department of Justice * California Department of Managed Health Care * California Department of Mental Health * California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) * California Department of Personnel Administration * California Department of Pesticide Regulation * California Department of Public Health * California Department of Real Estate * California Department of Rehabilitation * California Department of Social Services Adoptions Branch * California Department of Social Services * California Department of Technology Services Training Center (DTSTC) * California Department of Technology Services (DTS) * California Department of Toxic Substances Control * California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) * California Department of Veterans Affairs (CalVets) * California Department of Water Resources * California Departmento de Vehiculos Motorizados * California Digital Library * California Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise Certification Program * California Division of Apprenticeship Standards * California Division of Codes and Standards * California Division of Communicable Disease Control * California Division of Engineering * California Division of Environmental and Occupational Disease Control * California Division of Gambling Control * California Division of Housing Policy Development * California Division of Labor Standards Enforcement * California Division of Labor Statistics and Research * California Division of Land and Right of Way * California Division of Land Resource Protection * California Division of Law Enforcement General Library * California Division of Measurement Standards * California Division of Mines and Geology * California Division of Occupational Safety and Health (Cal/OSHA) * California Division of Oil, Gas and Geothermal Resources * California Division of Planning and Local Assistance * California Division of Recycling * California Division of Safety of Dams * California Division of the State Architect * California Division of Tourism * California Division of Workers Compensation Medical Unit * California Division of Workers Compensation * California Economic Assistance, Business and Community Resources * California Economic Strategy Panel * California Education and Training Agency * California Education Audit Appeals Panel * California Educational Facilities Authority * California Elections Division * California Electricity Oversight Board * California Emergency Management Agency * California Emergency Medical Services Authority * California Employment Development Department (EDD) * California Employment Information State Jobs * California Employment Training Panel * California Energy Commission * California Environment and Natural Resources Agency * California Environmental Protection Agency (Cal/EPA) * California Environmental Resources Evaluation System (CERES) * California Executive Office * California Export Laboratory Services * California Exposition and State Fair (Cal Expo) * California Fair Political Practices Commission * California Fairs and Expositions Division * California Film Commission * California Fire and Resource Assessment Program * California Firearms Division * California Fiscal Services * California Fish and Game Commission * California Fisheries Program Branch * California Floodplain Management * California Foster Youth Help * California Franchise Tax Board (FTB) * California Fraud Division * California Gambling Control Commission * California Geographic Information Systems Council (GIS) * California Geological Survey * California Government Claims and Victim Compensation Board * California Governors Committee for Employment of Disabled Persons * California Governors Mentoring Partnership * California Governors Office of Emergency Services * California Governors Office of Homeland Security * California Governors Office of Planning and Research * California Governors Office * California Grant and Enterprise Zone Programs HCD Loan * California Health and Human Services Agency * California Health and Safety Agency * California Healthy Families Program * California Hearing Aid Dispensers Bureau * California High-Speed Rail Authority * California Highway Patrol (CHP) * California History and Culture Agency * California Horse Racing Board * California Housing Finance Agency * California Indoor Air Quality Program * California Industrial Development Financing Advisory Commission * California Industrial Welfare Commission * California InFoPeople * California Information Center for the Environment * California Infrastructure and Economic Development Bank (I-Bank) * California Inspection Services * California Institute for County Government * California Institute for Education Reform * California Integrated Waste Management Board * California Interagency Ecological Program * California Job Service * California Junta Estatal de Personal * California Labor and Employment Agency * California Labor and Workforce Development Agency * California Labor Market Information Division * California Land Use Planning Information Network (LUPIN) * California Lands Commission * California Landscape Architects Technical Committee * California Latino Legislative Caucus * California Law Enforcement Branch * California Law Enforcement General Library * California Law Revision Commission * California Legislative Analyst’s Office * California Legislative Black Caucus * California Legislative Counsel * California Legislative Division * California Legislative Information * California Legislative Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Caucus * California Legislature Internet Caucus * California Library De velopment Services * California License and Revenue Branch * California Major Risk Medical Insurance Program * California Managed Risk Medical Insurance Board * California Maritime Academy * California Marketing Services * California Measurement Standards * California Medical Assistance Commission * California Medical Care Services * California Military Department * California Mining and Geology Board * California Museum for History, Women, and the Arts * California Museum Resource Center * California National Guard * California Native American Heritage Commission * California Natural Community Conservation Planning Program * California New Motor Vehicle Board * California Nursing Home Administrator Program * California Occupational Safety and Health Appeals Board * California Occupational Safety and Health Standards Board * California Ocean Resources Management Program * California Office of Administrative Hearings * California Office of Administrative Law * California Office of AIDS * California Office of Binational Border Health * California Office of Child Abuse Prevention * California Office of Deaf Access * California Office of Emergency Services (OES) * California Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment * California Office of Fiscal Services * California Office of Fleet Administration * California Office of Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Implementation (CalOHI) * California Office of Historic Preservation * California Office of Homeland Security * California Office of Human Resources * California Office of Legal Services * California Office of Legislation * California Office of Lieutenant Governor * California Office of Military and Aerospace Support * California Office of Mine Reclamation * California Office of Natural Resource Education * California Office of Privacy Protection * California Office of Public School Construction * California Office of Real Estate Appraisers * California Office of Risk and Insurance Management * California Office of Services to the Blind * California Office of Spill Prevention and Response * California Office of State Publishing (OSP) * California Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development * California Office of Systems Integration * California Office of the Inspector General * California Office of the Ombudsman * California Office of the Patient Advocate * California Office of the President * California Office of the Secretary for Education * California Office of the State Fire Marshal * California Office of the State Public Defender * California Office of Traffic Safety * California Office of Vital Records * California Online Directory * California Operations Control Office * California Opinion Unit * California Outreach and Technical Assistance Network (OTAN) * California Park and Recreation Commission * California Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) * California Performance Review (CPR) * California Permit Information for Business (CalGOLD) * California Physical Therapy Board * California Physician Assistant Committee * California Plant Health and Pest Prevention Services * California Policy and Evaluation Division * California Political Reform Division * California Pollution Control Financing Authority * California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo * California Postsecondary Education Commission * California Prevention Services * California Primary Care and Family Health * California Prison Industry Authority * California Procurement Division * California Public Employees Retirement System (CalPERS) * California Public Employment Relations Board (PERB) * California Public Utilities Commission (PUC) * California Real Estate Services Division * California Refugee Programs Branch * California Regional Water Quality Control Boards * California Registered Veterinary Technician Committee * California Registrar of Charitable Trusts * California Republican Caucus * California Research and Development Division * California Research Bureau * California Resources Agency * California Respiratory Care Board * California Rivers Assessment * California Rural Health Policy Council * California Safe Schools * California San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission * California San Gabriel and Lower Los Angeles Rivers and Mountains Conservancy * California San Joaquin River Conservancy * California School to Career * California Science Center * California Scripps Institution of Oceanography * California Secretary of State Business Portal * California Secretary of State * California Seismic Safety Commission * California Self Insurance Plans (SIP) * California Senate Office of Research * California Small Business and Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise Certification Program * California Small Business Development Center Program * California Smart Growth Caucus * California Smog Check Information Center * California Spatial Information Library * California Special Education Division * California Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology Board * California Standardized Testing and Reporting (STAR) * California Standards and Assessment Division * California State Administrative Manual (SAM) * California State Allocation Board * California State and Consumer Services Agency * California State Architect * California State Archives * California State Assembly * California State Association of Counties (CSAC) * California State Board of Education * California State Board of Food and Agriculture *California Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) * California State Children’s Trust Fund * California State Compensation Insurance Fund * California State Contracts Register Program * California State Contracts Register * California State Controller * California State Council on Developmental Disabilities (SCDD) * California State Disability Insurance (SDI) * California State Fair (Cal Expo) * California State Jobs Employment Information * California State Lands Commission * California State Legislative Portal * California State Legislature * California State Library Catalog * California State Library Services Bureau * California State Library * California State Lottery * California State Mediation and Conciliation Service * California State Mining and Geology Board * California State Park and Recreation Commission * California State Parks * California State Personnel Board * California State Polytechnic University, Pomona * California State Railroad Museum * California State Science Fair * California State Senate * California State Summer School for Mathematics and Science (COSMOS) * California State Summer School for the Arts * California State Superintendent of Public Instruction * California State Teachers Retirement System (CalSTRS) * California State Treasurer * California State University Center for Distributed Learning * California State University, Bakersfield * California State University, Channel Islands * California State University, Chico * California State University, Dominguez Hills * California State University, East Bay * California State University, Fresno * California State University, Fullerton * California State University, Long Beach * California State University, Los Angeles * California State University, Monterey Bay * California State University, Northridge * California State University, Sacramento * California State University, San Bernardino * California State University, San Marcos * California State University, Stanislaus * California State University (CSU) * California State Water Project Analysis Office * California State Water Project * California State Water Resources Control Board * California Structural Pest Control Board * California Student Aid Commission * California Superintendent of Public Instruction * California Superior Courts * California Tahoe Conservancy * California Task Force on Culturally and Linguistically Competent Physicians and Dentists * California Tax Information Center * California Technology and Administration Branch Finance * California Telecommunications Division * California Telephone Medical Advice Services (TAMS) * California Transportation Commission * California Travel and Transportation Agency * California Unclaimed Property Program * California Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board * California Unemployment Insurance Program * California Uniform Construction Cost Accounting Commission * California Veterans Board * California Veterans Memorial * California Veterinary Medical Board and Registered Veterinary Technician Examining Committee * California Veterinary Medical Board * California Victim Compensation and Government Claims Board * California Volunteers * California Voter Registration * California Water Commission * California Water Environment Association (COWPEA) * California Water Resources Control Board * California Welfare to Work Division * California Wetlands Information System * California Wildlife and Habitat Data Analysis Branch * California Wildlife Conservation Board * California Wildlife Programs Branch * California Work Opportunity and Responsibility to Kids (CalWORKs) * California Workers Compensation Appeals Board * California Workforce and Labor Development Agency * California Workforce Investment Board * California Youth Authority (CYA) * Central Valley Flood Protection Board * Center for California Studies * Colorado River Board of California * Counting California * Dental Board of California * Health Insurance Plan of California (PacAdvantage) * Humboldt State University * Jobs with the State of California * Judicial Council of California * Learn California * Library of California * Lieutenant Governors Commission for One California * Little Hoover Commission (on California State Government Organization and Economy) * Medical Board of California * Medi-Cal * Osteopathic Medical Board of California * Physical Therapy Board of California * Regents of the University of California * San Diego State University * San Francisco State University * San Jose State University * Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy * State Bar of California * Supreme Court of California * Teach California * University of California * University of California, Berkeley * University of California, Davis * University of California, Hastings College of the Law * University of California, Irvine * University of California, Los Angeles * University of California, Merced * University of California, Riverside * University of California, San Diego * University of California, San Francisco * University of California, Santa Barbara * University of California, Santa Cruz * Veterans Home of California

One last thought, and something I will hold onto if this relocation thing doesn’t pan out:

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Dear Readers: An interesting set of news items have been placed in my INBOX, and I wanted to share them with you. I also wanted to feature a few images from Shrine friend, Anthony Porrello — taken during the 10-10-10 Oceanside rally.

I am interested in definitions of words, and here is one I think is apt for this week: Blowback: a reaction or effect resulting from an action or cause, usually a negative reaction.

Here are some prime examples:

The Veterans of Foreign Wars (the real ones, not the PAC) battles the PAC over its endorsement of Sen. Ma’am, Babs Boxer. Real veterans do not support Boxer’s anti-defense stances, her arrogant treatment of other servicemen, or her self-serving work in the Beltway. The comments in the Hot Air post were telling: Many VFW members are rescinding their membership, not wanting dues to end up in Boxer’s coffers. It is reported that the VFW will close the PAC in an upcoming meeting (too late for 2010, but not for 2012).


Many friends have emailed me about the resignation from the American Physical Society by Hal Lewis, a a UC Santa Barbra professor and physicist with a long, distinguished career of service to the physics profession and to the country. Shine friend Lorraine Yapps Cohen has more on the letter and Lewis’ background (click HERE). As a reminder, many members have chaffed at the APS position on man-made global warming. The money quote:

I was proud of what we did in a charged atmosphere. In the end the oversight committee, in its report to the APS President, noted the complete independence in which we did the job, and predicted that the report would be attacked from both sides. What greater tribute could there be?

How different it is now. The giants no longer walk the earth, and the money flood has become the raison d’être of much physics research, the vital sustenance of much more, and it provides the support for untold numbers of professional jobs. For reasons that will soon become clear my former pride at being an APS Fellow all these years has been turned into shame, and I am forced, with no pleasure at all, to offer you my resignation from the Society.

It is of course, the global warming scam, with the (literally) trillions of dollars driving it, that has corrupted so many scientists, and has carried APS before it like a rogue wave. It is the greatest and most successful pseudoscientific fraud I have seen in my long life as a physicist. Anyone who has the faintest doubt that this is so should force himself to read the ClimateGate documents, which lay it bare.


The APS response to this very public repudiation is being soundly mocked by scientists well-versed in the fraud that is the basis of “man-made global warming.

What do Babs and Man-Made Global Warming have in common? They both use this as the basis of their persuasive power (from the 10-10-10 Tea Party):

Mut's Sign of the Day for 10-10-10

Other examples of Blowback:
* White House attacks on Rove’s group lead to massive influx of donations
* Whore-gate replaces Maid-gate in CA Gubernatorial election discussions, which highlights the nasty incompetence that is the hallmark of Jerry Brown’s governing style.
* Sharron Angle’s campaign has benefited from Harry Reid’s tactics (from W.C. Varones).
* And this from the Great State of Massachusetts: “I was speaking with a prominent Tea Party member in the eastern part of the state — she has been doing the heavy work of going door to door on days off to talk to voters, passing out literature and pushing her candidates. The report I got was astounding. Over and over doors were about to be closed until the voter heard the Magic word ‘Republican’. When the voter heard that word, doors were opened, literature accepted and thumbs up given. Only one in four at best thought otherwise.”

Based on the news coming out, all I have to say November 2nd will be the ULTIMATE BLOWBACK!

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