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Dear Readers: We have a double header this Thursday, Feb. 27th at 7 pm on Canto Talk. Our military historian, Barry Jacobsen, will review the insanity breaking out globally (e.g., the Ukriane, Venezuela) and our newly deputized “show psychologist” Dr. Rochelle Perper will sharing her insights on divorce, in light of the Divorce Corp. movie opening. (Click HERE at 7 pm Pacific Time/9 pm Central Time, 10 pm EST or for archived podcast afterward).

First, Barry Jacbosen will be reviewing items such as:

But to understand why the protests succeeded in toppling Yanukovych, it’s worth taking a glance at its strategies and military-style tactics. The protesters not only built a broad and inclusive coalition, but innovated where it mattered most: on the streets.

Really, it turned medieval.

Protesters shot fireworks with makeshift launchers. In combination with throwing stones and using slingshots, they overwhelmed disoriented Berkut special forces units, who were pelted with flying objects as fireworks exploded around them.

Protesters wore military helmets and carried makeshift—or captured—shields. Wooden boards were used to protect their lower legs from shrapnel the police taped to exploding stun grenades.

Among the array of homemade weapons, some were perhaps a little too ambitious. A crude trebuchet—a type of medieval catapult which uses a counterweight to fling objects—was overrun and dismantled.

To shield themselves from the onslaught, the police special forces units known as Berkut adopted distinct testudo formations. This packed shield formation was used by the Roman Empire, developed to shield infantry units from arrows. The first line holds its shields forward, with each preceding line holding their shields towards the sky.

Barry will really have to comment on the trebuchet!

We also will look what Legal Insurrection has to say: Ukraine’s acting government issues arrest warrant for Yanukovich

Then, on another issue related to insanity, we will take a look at the American system of divorce.

Dr. Rochelle Perper provides action-oriented therapy in a Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy framework that is customized for individuals, families and couples, as well as adolescents and children. Her therapeutic approach involves helping people change their thoughts and behaviors and adopt healthy coping strategies in order to enhance their productivity and satisfaction. Dr. Perper is recognized for her compassion and skill in helping clients manage difficult transitions, including general challenges related to stress, depression, and anxiety. Her unique areas of specialty are helping people recover from grief due the loss of a loved one, trauma, traumatic loss, and violent crime.

Dr. Rochelle Perper

For more on her firm, Therapy Changes, click HERE. The site has a blog, and some of Rochelle’s articles are:


To start a conversation in a non-defense way, it is important to avoid blaming the other person for the problem. You will also want to be careful not to make character assassinations or make generalizations. Instead, focus on what you see or hear….


Next, follow-up your observation with how that behavior made you feel. This is important to relate better to the person that you are talking to and provide important context to the problem.


The most critical part of any non-confrontational conversation is to make a request for how things can be done differently in the future. By doing so, you are letting the other person know that you are not interested in holding grudges or complaining. Rather, you are interested in working towards a constructive solution to the problem.

1. Set goals
2. Take action
3. Focus on being productive, not being busy
4. Make logical, informed decisions
5. Avid the trap of having things done ‘perfectly’
6. Work outside of your comfort zone
7. Keep things simple
8. Focus on small progress
9. Pay attention to the gains you have made
10. Be positive
11. Choose your environment
12. Maintain balance

For more details on each, please follow the link.  To contact Therapy Changes for an appointment or other information, click HERE.

This promises to be an entertaining and informative show.

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Dear Friends: Silvio Canto Jr. and I are delighted to have Deadliest Blogger Barry Jacobsen, our show’s military history expert extraordinaire, on the show this week to cover a wide array of news touching on previous shows, the military, and international developments. (Click HERE on Thursday, Jan. 30th at 7 pm PST/9 pm CT/10 pm EST or for an archived podcast).

Barry Jacobsen, Deadliest Blogger

We will be talking about a wide array of subject, including a little history involving the Sikhs related to this news development.

Pentagon clarifies rules on beards, turbans for Muslim and Sikh service members

The Defense Department released regulations Wednesday ensuring the rights of religious-minority service members to display their beliefs outwardly — such as wearing a turban, scarf or beard — as long as the practices do not interfere with military discipline, order or readiness.

According to the Pentagon, requests for such religious accommodation will still be decided on an individual basis but will generally be denied only if the item impairs the safe use of military equipment; poses a health or safety hazard; interferes with wearing a uniform, a helmet or other military gear; or “impairs the accomplishment of the military mission.”

If time permits, we will explore Sikh history a bit and discuss the Ways Sikhism Differs From Islam…including:

Marriage and Status of Females:

  • Sikhism code of conduct outlines marriage as a monogamous relationship teaching that bride and groom are fused by the Anand Karaj ceremony with the divine sharing one light in two bodies. Dowry is discouraged.
  • Sikh women have equal status to men in every aspect of life and worship. Sikh women are encouraged to be educated, become community leaders and are welcome to take part in every ceremony.
  • Islamic scripture of the Quran allows a man to take up to four wives. Ilsamic law requires Muslim couples to sign a Nikah contract stipulating bride gift, and is followed by Walima, a public ceremony.
  • Islam does not allow women to enter the mosque where men worship. In many parts of the world Muslim women are segregated, secluded and heavily veiled.

And in news related India, an area I follow closely, we will be discussing this: Russian rubbish? India reportedly disappointed with stealth fighters from Moscow

Despite initial high expectations, the Indian Air Force appears to be souring on a joint development deal with Russia for a new fifth-generation fighter jet, according to the Business Standard, a major Indian business publication. The Russian prototype is “unreliable, its radar inadequate, its stealth features badly engineered,” said Indian Air Force Deputy Air Marshall S Sukumar at a Jan. 15 meeting, according to minutes obtained by the Business Standard.

A while back, Barry and I reviewed the Dinesh D’Souza film, 2016 – Obama’s America, for Canto Talk. In a classic Obama Administration move, if a piece does not meet with the approval of its propaganda department, the movie maker must be targeted for special treatment.

Obama critic indicted for campaign-finance fraud, obstruction

Author and conservative commentator Dinesh D’Souza, who produced the documentary 2016: Obama’s America that went after Barack Obama in the middle of the last election cycle, has been indicted for allegedly pushing $20,000 in straw-man contributions into a Senate race in New York that was hopeless from the start….

Campaign contribution limits are counterproductive and ultimately the cause of more corruption than they prevent. They should be eliminated, and replaced with full transparency on contributions that aggregate higher than $200 (the same limit as exists now) on campaign websites that will allow voters to see clearly who funds these campaigns. Until those laws change, though, we are bound to follow them. If D’Souza violated the law, then he’ll have to be held accountable … but it will be interesting to see in court how the feds “routinely” decided to look into his activities after producing 2016…..

[The] DoJ only charged a John Edwards donor with a misdemeanor for the same crime. That indictment came from the Bush administration in 2007, though, regarding the 2004 election.

Also, we will be sharing our views on the State of the Union, which I was happily drunk-tweeting with Aleister and Lonely Conservative.

ToM #01

My tweet-of-the-night:

We should have a blast!

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Dear Readers: I got an early Christmas present, as Professor Jacobson tapped my as “Blog of the Day” at Legal Insurrection.

To celebrate, I would like to share my 2013 choice for “Mut Christmas Music”, the Seven Rejoices of Mary by the heavenly Loreena McKennitt.

The first good joy that Mary had
It was the joy of one.
The first rejoice that Mary had
Was to see her new born son.

To see her new born son good man,
And blessed may he be.
Sing Father, Son and Holy Ghost,
To all eternity.
The next good joy that Mary had
It was the joy of two
To see her son Jesus,
Make the lame to go.

(more lyrics HERE):

I would also like to extend a thanks to my other “Heroes of Capitalism”

And, as if all that blogging goodness isn’t enough, I wanted to give the gift of SLOBs (San Diego Order of Local Bloggers).

Now, off to do more holiday-time opining for Team Insurrection. Thanks to everyone who has supported the Shrine of Flaming Capitalism this year!

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Dear Readers:  I am mulling over the concept of friendship…and I have a question to ask my readers and fans:


Some examples I have come across:

5 Unwritten Rules Of Friendship


1. Don’t Date a Friend’s Ex

2. Don’t Steal Friends

3. Take Turns

4. Stand By Your Friends

5. Don’t Blow Them Off

A research paper on Friendship and Friends:

Doing the test with the TV show Friends showed that even on television friendship rules are followed and broken just as they are in society. It was surpriseing to find that the one person who followed the rules the most was Joey because the literature review, suggested that women were more nurturing than men. The study goes to show that maintaining a friendship is very important, and should be taken seriously. The rules of friendship help us understand that if people talk with one each other, and help one another; anyone can withhold a friendship for life. The study proved that when a group of friends are put in situations that it is very easy to break rules of friendship without even knowing it. The rules seem very easy to follow but most of the time none of the characters on the TV show could faithfully follow them. The TV show was a good example to use because there were three male and three female who were all different types of people to study. When it would seem like one was faithful to the rules they would turn around the next minute and break one. In conclusion the TV show is a way of proving that friendship relationships are very important, and if the rules of friendship are taken into consideration, and followed, a long lasting friendship can be established.

Then, the definitive expose on friendship:

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The most recent Miss America pageant shook some iconic traditions to the roots this past week.

Legal Insurrection has its fingers on the pulse of current culture. The newly crowned Nina Davuluri from Syracuse, New York, sashayed off with the tiara and the $50,000 scholarship cash after performing a Bollywood fusion dance.

The victory represented a key pageant “first”: Davuluri isn’t just the second consecutive pageant winner from the Empire State — she’s also the first woman of Indian descent to snag the crown.

Kavita Sheth, one of the many Americans of Indian descent, is also a Bollywood dancer and fitness/dance instructor. Sheth was thrilled with the news that a fellow “desi” was crowned Miss America. “It really represents a great achievement for Davuluri personally, but also for the Indian-American community who was cheering her on. Her Bollywood performance allowed many new people the chance to see one of our most popular cultural exports! I am so proud.”

Sadly, after the winner was announced, an assortment of blathering idiots went onto Twitter to share their collective ignorance about Davuluri’s race, religion, and heritage. Showing that the crown is well placed on her head, she responded: “I have to rise above that… I always viewed myself as first and foremost American.”

And, addressing another trend we have identified at College Insurrection, the pageant officials shook things up with a new scholarship. Awards were extended to contestants going after STEM (science-technology-engineering-math) degrees.

Studies tell us if you educate women, their contributions will lift the economy and the nation. The Miss America Foundation awarded our first STEM scholarships to two contestants who are beginning their careers in the field: Miss California Crystal Lee and Miss Mississippi Chelsea Rick.

Crystal Lee has two degrees from Stanford — a B.A. in Human Biology and a Masters in Communication and Media Studies — and wants to complete another graduate program in what?. Chelsea Rick’s career ambition is to become a neurologist, which she’s pursuing by attending the William Carey University College of Osteopathic Medicine.

It was a tough decision to choose only two contestants when 30 percent of our 53 finalists are focused on STEM-focused careers. But it shouldn’t be a surprise: over the 93 year history of the Miss America Organization, we have told the young women around the country to come to us and we will help them achieve their dreams through higher education.

Yes, some major shake-ups occurred in this year’s competition. We wish Miss America 2014 tons of good luck during her reign!

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As a history lover and former Detroit resident, I had to share this amazing political cartoon.


ToM #01

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Dear Readers:  I will be joined by my good friend and fellow SLOB Barry Jacobson tonight on Canto Talk, during which we will chat with the ever savvy Silvio Canto Jr. on some royal issues (7 pm PST/9 pm CT/10 pm EST; click here for podcast link).

Among the topics we will be reviewing is the situation with Mayor Bob Filner, which I have covered extensively over at Legal Insurrection:

We will also have a few updates on the situation in Detroit:

Don’t let “Motor City Madness” make you forget about California’s bankrupt cities!

And, finally, an update on Prince George; I am sure Barry will have some great insights related to the traditions of the British monarchy.  I suspect the real reason that Prince William and Kate named their baby George was to piss off President Barack Obama — who has shown nothing but contempt for Bush, England and  British monarchs.

It promises to be a great show.

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Pundit Peggy Noonan recently asked, Where Was the Tea Party?.

Think about the sheer political facts of the president’s 2012 victory. The first thing we learned, in the weeks after the voting, was that the Obama campaign was operating with a huge edge in its technological operation—its vast digital capability and sophistication. The second thing we learned, in the past month, is that while the campaign was on, the president’s fiercest foes, in the Tea Party, were being thwarted, diverted and stopped.

Technological savvy plus IRS corruption. The president’s victory now looks colder, more sordid, than it did.

Frankly, the only thing going cold is my patience with Washington Beltway insiders like Noonan.

It’s nice to see Peggy finally entering the warm waters of Obama criticism, especially after they have heated considerably since her 2008 endorsement. As a reminder, filmmaker John Ziegler offers a refresher on Noonan’s views:

There are two things which make this occurrence all the more infuriating. One, Noonan hasn’t done a thing for the conservative cause since she wrote a few good speeches for Reagan over 25 years ago. Secondly, and even more amazingly, she clearly endorsed Obama in 2008 in both print and on TV. Somehow, not only did that not take away her ability to once again play the “I am a sensible Republican telling the truth about my guy” card, but it doesn’t even ever get mentioned that she has ZERO credibility on this issue!

I am growing concerned about the echo chamber syndrome, which now has Republican-based groups claiming that the IRS targeting of tea party non-profits is a main reason Mitt Romney lost the election. SoCal Tax Revolt Coalition President Dawn Wildman speaks to this point, specifically in response to Noonan’s piece.

“Overall, the tea party groups were small,” notes Wildman. “They weren’t going to bring in a lot of money. And many of them would have directed those funds to local and state races, anyway. What the 2012 election came down to was that people weren’t excited enough to vote or vote Romney, and that the GOP’s approach to elections is outdated.”

Noonan and Wildman agree that the Republican Party needs to reboot how it uses social media. However, the area of concern I have is that the IRS situation is being used by the Republican beltway elites for their own purposes. In Noonan’s case, it is to reestablish her conservative bona fides ahead of the 2014 election. For the GOP, it has been a chance to cash in on scandal.

I have gotten 12 calls in the past few weeks from Republican entities wanting donation to prevent IRS targeting in the future. However, the Republicans knew about this targeting prior to the first ballot being cast in November, 2012.

Here is a letter from California Republican Congressman Tom McClintock dated April 2012: IRS Harassment of Tea Party Groups

It seems that Tea Party groups are now being treated very differently than their counterparts on the political Left. For the last two years, many have been stone-walled by the IRS when they have sought to register as non-profits and most recently, they have been barraged with increasingly aggressive and threatening demands vastly outside the legal authority of the IRS. Indeed, the only conceivable purpose of some of these demands could be to intimidate and harass.

A Tea Party group in my district is typical of the reports we are hearing from all across the country.

The letter is addressed to “Mr. Speaker”. In April 2012, the speaker was John Boehner.

The last time I checked, Boehner is Republican (though some Legal Insurrection friends may question this).

Like video journalist James O’Keefe, I have learned to be highly skeptical of anyone who spends more than 24 hours at a time in Washington DC. Before you give any money to a group citing the IRS targeting, it is good to remember this background. Better yet, donate to the cause directly (via SueTheIRS.com)  or the the group helping to support the lawsuit against the agency, Citizens for Self Governance.

Finally, follow Mandy Nagy’s guidelines on citizen Research 101. It’s more worthwhile than Noonan’s belated concerns.

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Dear Readers: For those of you wondering how an avid Egyptologist became a Tea Party activist, wonder no more. Iowahawk blog has the answer!

Tea Party Pyramid

Iowahawk explains on Flickr
, the blessings of the Goddess of Capitalism be on him!

Took the wife out for a drive on Mother’s Day, when we suddenly spotted this lost Egyptian pyramid on country road outside Gurnee IL.

What could it mean? An underworld portal to the sarcophagus of Amon-Ra? Cleopatra’s secret communication station linking the Tea Party to the space pharaohs?

I am afraid it must remain a mystery. As soon as we took these pictures, we fled in terror

With the successful revolution in Egypt yesterday, I think my readers have a much better appreciation of the scope of my powers! Speaking of that, here is the latest from Egypt Daily News:

Adly Mansour, Egypt’s new interim president, swore the oath of office in front of Egypt’s Supreme Constitutional Court on Thursday morning, formalizing a whirlwind insurrection that brought millions of Egyptians onto the streets and overturned an Islamist president that only days ago had seemed immutable.

Mr. Mansour swore his oath hours after Egyptian security forces moved briskly to arrest and detain hundreds of Muslim Brotherhood leaders—the powerful Islamist organization that has dominated Egyptian elections over the past two years.

Mohammed Morsi, Egypt’s ousted president, was reportedly in police custody on Thursday morning after he refused to step down from his post on the orders of Gen. Abdel Fattah Al Sisi on Wednesday night.

And for the idiots at CNN and the elite America media who see yesterday’s events as a “coup” instead of a revolution, I have 3 points to make:

1) There were no true elections in Egypt in the first place — the Muslim Brotherhood was the only opposition party to the Mubarak candidate that had the funding and organization to win.

2) Morsi led to the other opposition groups leaders to consolidate power, making promises he did not intend to keep.  Funny how people like their leaders to keep their promises.

3) Here is the view of the average Egyptian, graphically expressed:

Egypt Revolution

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Dear Readers:  While I don’t know what the final outcome is, I am delighted that Egyptian’s seem to be soundly rejecting Mohammed Morsi and his vision of an Islamic paradise on the Nile.

Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood thugs destroyed Egypt’s priceless heritage and brutalized the Copts.  So, it is with great joy I share this image with you, from the Egypt Daily News.

Morsi Under Arrest

The latest news: Morsi is no longer head of state

Egypt’s state-run Al-Ahram newspaper reported on its website that the army told President Mohammed Morsi that he was no longer head of state, quoting a presidential source.

Meanwhile, Egypt’s army deployed tanks and troops close to the presidential palace in Cairo today after a military deadline for Islamist President Mohammed Morsi to yield to street protests passed without any agreement.

Morsi’s national security adviser said a military coup was under way as armed forces commander General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi met political, religious and youth leaders.

The state news agency MENA said they would make a joint announcement of a roadmap for a new transitional period and new elections two years after the overthrow of autocratic ex-president Hosni Mubarak in a popular uprising.

The elected Muslim Brotherhood president, in office for just a year, remained out of sight in a Republican Guard barracks surrounded by barbed wire, barriers and troops, but military sources denied media reports that he was under arrest.

“For the sake of Egypt and for historical accuracy, let’s call what is happening by its real name: military coup,” Morsi’s national security adviser Essam El-Haddad said in a statement, warning of “considerable bloodshed” to come.

Another presidential aide, Yasser Haddara, said it was unclear whether Mursi was free to return to the palace where he spent the previous night. His message to supporters was to resist the “military coup” peacefully and not use violence against troops, police or other Egyptians.

One of my favorite lines form the 1945 film Caesar and Cleopatra is: EGYPT FOR THE EGYPTIANS.

It’s nice to see them take it back. Lets hope they make a better choice next time.

Legal Insurrection has a picture of the fireworks at Tahrir Square, which is a nice touch. It’s nice to see them celebrating there by doing something other than raping women for a change. It’s a nice omen for a better future, too.

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