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Dear Readers: Tomorrow, I plan to have a special Egyptology post up to promote a special CANTO TALK show featuring the Battle of Thermopylae. So, I am posting my weekend Music Mix, with a big thank you to Silvio Canto Jr. who directed me to this version of Santana’s Black Magic Woman.

I was one of the early proponents of the idea that Clint Eastwood’s use of the chair was an amazing iconic success. Many pundits have since followed suit (see HERE, HERE and HERE for starters). It was so successful that the Twitter world has a new hashtag experience: #Eastwooding. It seems the new political term, “Eastwooding” means taking a picture of an Empty Chair.

Per Alinksy Rule 6: A good tactic is one your people enjoy.So here is my contribution, with the Sacred Cat:

And the National Republican Senatorial Committee sent out a damning picture on Twitter to Obama’s “This Seat’s Taken” photo.  The NRSC reply:  This one is not (note that it is in the Jobs Council room).


As Michelle’s Mirror Notes: Alinsky Works for Romney-Ryan now! In fact, they had MUT’s Laugh-of-the-Week in today’s post:

You can tell R2 raided the Twinkie supply in Big Guy’s pantry because everybody’s still talking about Clint Eastwood’s empty chair this morning, 2 days after the fact. (I know “kitchen cabinet” is racial code, butt I think “pantry” is still okay. Just to be safe though, I checked my Condensed Liberal Handbook of Racial Code Words).

I am still laughing at that one.

Today, Captain Capitalism holds that the Blogosphere is the 4th Branch of Government. I am going to have to agree, as the elite media was quick to condemn the Eastwood speech as a buffoonish failure. Using Twitter, graphics, and the blogs, it has become apparent that the Empty Chair is now the iconic image of 2012 and the mainstream media has mostly surrendered its power to influence.

Legal Insurrection’s Professor Jacobson has two related pieces today: “We Own This Country”: Clint Eastwood Reloaded (with a superb video) and the fact today’s Romney-Ryan event in Florida is packed. Given the tepid, pathetic performance of Obama at Fort Bliss, Texas, I think we can safely assume in which camp the energy and enthusiasm of the nation lies.


I am still transitioning to full participation, but wanted to share these stories with my readers:

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Dear Readers:  The ultra-liberal, ex-hippie Divine Mother left town today, so this afternoon was the first opportunity to savor some of the Alinksy-tactic goodness now being utilized by RomneyRyan2012.  I had only heard a few comments about Clint Eastwood’s speech last night — but the lefty derision and snark clued me in that Eastwood’s remarks had put a big Daisy-cutter into the heart various media narratives.

Eastwood did not receive Oscars for Unforgiven or Million Dollar Baby by being stupid about either messaging or imagery.  He had to know exactly how the teleprompter-in-front-of-empty-chair would be taken by the audience last night.  There is no political consultant out there who could have come-up with this brilliance.

Per Alinksy Rule #5 – Ridicule is a Man’s Most Potent Weapon, Eastwood deployed a nuke. And, it seemed to go radioactive on Obama quite quickly. Professor Jacobson of Legal Insurrection has the details on Obama’s pictoral response, which is an amalgam of childish and inane: This is not the tweet of a confident man.

Now, Team Romney has a solid, visual, visceral theme that will be good for the duration of the campaign. It success can be marked by the Twitter Hashtag: #InsertChair

The “President Chair” picture has now undergone many humorous derivations (hat-tip Instapundit):

Finally, here is a hilarious video now going viral: 40 Clint Eastwood Quotes Illustrating the Obama Years

The extreme left has gone bat-shit crazy. So, last night was a massive supernova of political strategy excellence.

I was always going to vote for the Republican candidate (with the exception of Santorum). However, after this convention, I am going to vote for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan most enthusiastically. I suspect that I am not the only one, especially after Romney made Obama follow him to Louisiana.

One further note: One of the complaints was that the softer side of Romney was lost in the Eastwood focus. I disagree. Many people, who came to view Eastwood, stayed for the excellent speech given by Romney and will learn more by watching videos such as this one:

Obama has substantially less compassion, as I explained during my recent discussion on CANTO TALK:

Fellow SLOB and Capitalist hero, Barry Jacobsen, joined us for a review of the movie, 2016: Obama’s America. I read the book upon which the move was based: Obama’s America: Unmaking the American Dream. What struck me was the lack of humanity toward his own blood President Obama displays.

In the movie, I was most impressed by the dignity and thoughtfulness of George Obama, the President’s half brother. It turns out George can’t get a visa to visit his mother in the states. It also turns out the American publisher destroyed print copies of George’s book – Homeland: An Extraordinary Story of Hope and Survival . Finally, George (who had little money to his name) took the time and expense to meet the then Senator Obama in a fancy Kenya hotel. Barak brushed him off, saying he would call him later. George struck around for 2 days, never hearing from his half-brother.

Truly, Obama is an empty chair.


For history lovers, check out Word Warriors military history site for: MEET THE SPARTANS.

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Dear Readers:  Before I go on to today’s theme, a programming note — our favorite BlogTalkRadio host, Silvio Canto, had a special request. Therefore,  I need to share an awesome interview with businessman Joey Norris , in which they discussed the political and economic state of black America today. I also wanted to mention that our own SLOB, Dean of Beers with Demo, will be on the show Thursday (7 pm Pacific, 9 pm Central). Click here for podcasts or to listen.

Now, onto the Shrine’s new role: Suicide Hotline for Nervous Romney Supporters.

Part of the reason is that I have to talk Horemheb off the electoral ledge, as his duty station is in midnight blue Santa Barabra (where the cheap cable package offers only CNN and MSNBC. When he dies, my husband is going to heaven, because he has officially done his time in purgatory). He focuses on the questionable polls offered by these equally questionable news organizations, wondering how Romney is ever going to beat Obama.

A few points:

  • All the polls are being done too early with too variable a sampling to be meaningful at this point in the election cycle (CLICK HERE to listen to this podcast with Silvio and independent centrist and the Prairie Editor Barry Casselman for a thorough analysis).
  • Obama is hitting Romney with all he’s got, and he isn’t moving the poll numbers.
  • The elite media has no interest in presenting this race has the Romney landslide it will be, because that doesn’t make for good ratings.

Romney didn’t get where he is at , nor marry such a great lady, by being dumb.  He has spent the past few years figuring out how to beat Obama, who only relies on a limited number of 12 Alinsky rules during his campaigns.  Romney also has a much more social media savvy band of supporters than McCain did, which helps to return volley on those aforementioned Alinsky rules.  For example, Obama wanted to get some serious mileage out of Romney’s time at Bain Capitol.  The Wall Street Journal is wringing its hands that “Romney needs to explain better”.

Screw that.

Obama has essentially committed verbal harikari with his “You Didn’t Build it” slip.  This has unleashed Romney, who will now have a platform to detail why attacking business success will not lead to a better economy — in full-throated and experienced detail.  (Or as Hillary is 44 notes – Psycho Killer Barack Obama Beaten Senseless By Mitt Romney ) With employment and sales data numbers looking bad, this is a message that will resonate in the coming months.  Additionally, Team Romney fans have fired up social media in a most thorough application of Alinsky Rule 5: RULE 5 -“Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.”  (Hat-tip, the blog-father, Instapundit).

Stay unemployed, my friends.

As Michelle Obama’s Mirror notes:  ALINKSY WORKS FOR US NOW!!!

There have been a series of Twitter Hashtag skirmishes, in which I have exchanged fire. The obvious one is #YouDidntBuildThat. However, after the Hollywood attempt to game the election with a Batman villain being named “Bane”, there was a ton of great tweets on #ObamaComicBookVillains.

Now, a bunch of Republicans are asking Romney to grab his ankles and release his tax records. Why? Has Romney failed to comply with specific laws — if not, then shut-the-hell up. Obama hasn’t released a fraction of the information Americans across the country have requested — school records, Fast and Furious documents, etc. The fact Romney is man enough to tell them to stuff it is REFRESHING.

So, to those of you who think Romney is going to McCain this election, here is the official MUT prophesy for the day — Obama is going to lose by such numbers, “to be Obama-ed” is going to become the new verb form for a complete and total electoral refudiation. Yes, he will finally hit a bottom so low his name will become a verb.

So, instead of second-guessing the Romney Team, get in and contribute with such talents you have. It will be a far better use of your emotional energy. And, keep in mind, the only poll we should be concerned with is this one on Nov. 6th:

SLOB Stories

A few links to friends of the Shrine:

Finally, prayers being sent to Lonely Conservative, who is being targeted for harassment because she won the “Circle of Moms” contest, in which I met her on-line.  I know you only take flak when you are over the target, but to be exposed to such sensless hatred must be soul-draining.  I hope she finds the strength to endure, and she would be a good example for all of us to continue the good fight.

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Dear Readers:  Scanning the web today, I had an eco-update to my “Environmentalists Gone Wild” post of yesterday.  It seems that California activists are saying CALIFORNIA’S CAP AND TRADE IS RACIST!!!  Cool.

A coalition of environmental justice and civil rights activists has filed a complaint alleging that cap-and-trade provisions in California’s pioneering program to reduce greenhouse gas emissions discriminate against people of color.

Eco-activists vs race-baiters. I have just 2 words:

I wonder if Capt. Capitalism will consider this fight “well-rounded”. BUTT I digress.

Speaking of insanity, DNC-head Debbie Wasserman Schultz sent a survey to us Democrats. The odor of desperation so potent it managed to waft through the computer screen. Here is a sample of the questions asked: I suspect that the DNC will be none too happy with my response.


The Democrats in Sacramento are also madly working to manipulate a series of spot-bills that will help making passing tax increases on us minions much easier. From Cal WatchDog: NEW: ‘Big three’ budget talks behind closed doors

Earlier in the year I reported about the 80 spot bills — empty bills awaiting bill language — which were moved from the legislative budget committees to the Assembly and Senate floors.

The now includes Proposition 25, majority vote by the Legislature to pass a budget; and Proposition 26, requiring a supermajority vote to pass fees and taxes by the Legislature. So the majority Democrats are making major policy changes and potential tax increases by dropping either in trailer-bill language.

By using the spot bills, and now budget-trailer bills, the majority party is avoiding the usual and legal committee process, and the public will never hear the policy and financial debate surrounding the bills.

This means legislators are not always given have a chance to weigh in on and debate the bills.

The tactic raises serious questions about the questionable lengths the majority party will go to jam through legislation without the historically and legal processes.

How can such insanity be dealt with? Per Alinksy Rule 5 — some mocking is in order. Fellow SLOBs Beers with Demo and Charles Caesar, and Conservative Mom Friend Zilla, have been leading the way with the newest Twitter-blitzkrieg: #characterstospare, mocking Obama’s lame insult of the Romney campaign.

              I LOVE US!!!

KT Cat has a series on European Insanity — that is, their debt crisis. His pieces on what is going on over across the pond are essential reading, as this is likely to really impact us hard. For example, in a bat-shit crazy-ass move, new French President Hollande just LOWERED the retirement to 60. I guess because German workers are just aces about working to 80 to support them.

Quick — call the civility police — I just used the words ass and shit.

To conclude, a little tune called “Blue Insanity”.

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I wanted to thank the lovely and gracious LaDona Harvey for kindly having me review the Michael J. Kobulnicky press coverage today.

Click here to listen (I am at the halfway point, about minute 17).

My title today refers to the fact that an equivalent situation to the press handling of Kobulnicky (as detailed HERE) would be for me to plaster “Leslie Eastman – KOGO Celebrity Pundit” all over my website after my appearance today, get arrested for some drug charge 2 days later, and then have the press title the piece “Kogo Celebrity Pundit Arrested on Drug Charges”.

Can the media activists not see how stupid they look, because of their lack of fact checking.

And, if you can, check out even more coverage from our San Diego Local Order of Bloggers (SLOBs). Also, for something a little different, the next installment of the “Age of Arthur” series can be found HERE.

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Continuing from yesterday:

Accused Rapist Kobulnicky NOT Associated with San Diego Tea Party Organizers, So Cal Tax Revolt Coalition

There have been at least 75 rapes and sexual assaults within the “Occupy Wall Street” protest camps. Has the elite media reported any of these awful incidents in the titillating detail that it has spent on the alleged sexual assault suspect Michael J. Kolbulnicky, a supposed “Tea Party Leader” who is in reality unknown to actual citizen coordinators that are directly involved in the local San Diego Tea Party activities?

Not so much.

Very little information related to these vile crimes makes the “big press”.  But a “Bing” search reveals some stories that are neither promoted or spread by progressive activists and their media minions, even while they smear our people most falsely.


Alinsky Rule 4: Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.

To start with, a “Bing” search reveals  detestable examples of Occupy’s “War on Women”:

Note: Over 6 million blog posts are featured, yet nary a word from the elite media on the treatment of women at the Occupy camps. Perhaps this “War on Women” is not terribly concerning to our vaunted “watchdogs” because they follow Tacitus: “We will make a silence and call it peace.”

The San Diego Union Tribune published this calumnySex assault suspect a tea party leader. If we apply the rules that Union Tribune Reporters Susan Schroder and Chirstopher Cadelgo applied to their story, here are some revised headlines.

I could go on, but I think my point is made. I need each one of you who reads this today to go onto the websites reporting on the Kobulnicky story.  Use the “Comment” section to include that tie OCCUPY WALL STREET LEADERS to the rapes and assaults that occur IN THEIR CAMPS and DURING THEIR PROTEST ACTIVITIES.

I am a clearly a woman. I have attended dozens of Tea Party events. The are fewer places that are safer for women anywhere on the planet.

Getting back to the story that the Abbot and Costello of print journalism generated about this event, let’s dissect the lede a bit:

Police on Friday announced the arrest of Michael Kobulnicky, spokesman for the San Diego Tea Party, on suspicion of kidnapping a woman and then sexually assaulting her on Fiesta Island last month.

Frankly, when we talked to the actual San Diego Tea Party spokesman, he was a little surprised to learn the UT’s designation of the suspect, who as the story notes MUCH LATER in the piece, has not been involved with the group since January.

This is a contemptible example of journalistic malfeasance, the last in a long string to which we citizens will now respond to using our own version of the Alinsky tactics. I would ask that every citizen who reads this today go to a website reporting on a the “tea party rapist” and utilize these same techniques to highlight some, if not all, the Occupy Wall Street crimes.

A good place to start our application of Alinsky Rule 4 would be here, with the local NBC affiliate, and a report filed by Lauren Stuessy. Sex Assault Suspect a Tea Party Leader.

If you want to, go the next step and apply Alinsky Rule 6: “A good tactic is one your people enjoy” and contact the Ms. Stuessy about the quality of her reporting and the fact her proudest achievement seems to be to have “exposed the Danes to American cynicism.” Click HERE for the contact information, or simply Tweet her @LaurenSteussy .

Have even more tweeting fun by using the hashtag – #WarAgainstWomen!!!!

Left Coast Rebel recalls Steussy “as this woman wrote up the inaccurate article describing the bald-headed, Chihuahua-donning infiltrator dude that attempted to disrupt the anti-Obamacare tea party rally at which I met Sarah and Leslie? Recall that NBC cameras were rolling and panning to that guy before he started causing a scene?”

Lauren — Here is what my Pulitzer Prize winning journalist father taught me: Stick to who, what, where, when and why. Never leave a trace of yourself in the report. It seems someone forgot to tell you this in journalism school. Quite frankly, you are a glorified hack by the standards that true journalists have.

Returning back to the UT Report for a moment, I would like to say this to Christopher Cadelago: Just because you talked to a few tea party activists, does not make you a “tea party expert”. Cadelago did a reasonably fair piece on citizen attitudes about gas prices, talking to several “Tea Party Leaders”, including Sarah Bond. Hey Chris: Why didn’t you call Sarah and ask her about Kobulnicky first, before rushing out this hot, swirling mess of inanity???

If Chris had bothered to do what a REPORTER is supposed to do and actually conducted BASIC RESEARCH, he could have called Sarah. Within a relatively short period of time, Chris would have learned Kobulnicky is a “Tea Party Leech”, not a “Tea Party Leader”. Several members of SoCal Tax Revolt Coalition reported him trying to insert himself into our speaker roster, request videos of him at events so he could promote himself, and had otherwise been a pest.

And, as W.C. Varones notes: If Kobulnicky’s a “prominent” “spokesman,” wouldn’t his name come up in news stories prior to his arrest?

As an aside, I talked to a real reporter yesterday: Aaron Hirschorn of 10 News. Let’s compare the UT and NBC coverage to what a real journalist doing real journalism does:

Man Accused In Fiesta Island Rape Arrested

SAN DIEGO — A 50-year-old landscaper was in custody on Friday on suspicion of abducting a pedestrian in Linda Vista, taking her to Fiesta Island and raping her, authorities reported.

About 7 p.m. Feb. 25, Kobulnicky allegedly spotted the alleged victim while driving on Linda Vista Road, pulled over and asked her if she wanted a ride home, SDPD Lt. Anastasia Smith said.

The 56-year-old woman accepted the offer and got into Kobulnicky’s vehicle, Smith said. When they reached the woman’s residence, however, he kept driving and continued on into the Mission Bay area.

After parking on Fiesta Island, the 6-foot-3-inch, 205-pound suspect allegedly pulled the victim out of the vehicle and sexually assaulted her, the lieutenant said. He then drove off, leaving her behind.

The woman immediately reported the alleged crimes, and investigators gathered evidence, including surveillance video. Six days later, police released some of the footage to local news outlets. The resulting publicity generated “numerous” tips that helped detectives identify Kobulnicky as the alleged assailant, Smith said.

Kobulnicky, who is employed as a landscape supervisor, was booked into county jail on suspicion of rape, kidnapping and forcible sex with a foreign object. He was being held without bail pending arraignment, scheduled for Monday afternoon.


Finally, I would like to bring up a point that SoCal Tax Revolt Coalition President Dawn Wildman mentioned last night: The reporters chose to feature Kobulnicky’s dubious Tea Party ties throughout this ridiculous article. Why did they fail to highlight the fact he is also a teacher????

The very last bit of the article notes he works at:

California Miramar University and Ashford University in San Diego and an elementary schoolteacher at Val Verde elementary school in Riverside County.

It seems to me that if a reporter were truly interested in the safety of women and children, this is the aspect of Kolulnicky’s life that would have been featured. If he truly did commit this heinous act, then perhaps some women on campus have had some relevant stories. Did Shroder, Cadelafo, or Stuessy bother to call California Miramar University, Ashford University, or Val Verde elementary school for background information or to determine if there were any past incidents?

I would bet not.

Based on my experiences, a female student would be in far more jeopardy than a cute citizen activist surrounded by chivalrous former military members.  I would ask consumers of the Union Tribune and NBC to consider this information when assessing the quality of reporting they get.

Yes, regular Americans should apply Alinsky Rule 4 to each and every topic our elite media covers. Now, through Nov. 6th and beyond. It’s our duty in the “War Against Women”.

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WELCOME INSTAPUNDIT FANS!  Thanks for stopping by, and when you are done, check out more from San Diego’s Finest Bloggers!!!

Dear Readers:  As we are fully in a WAR with the elites and statists, it is good to highlight the proper use of the Saul Alinsky “Rules for Radicals” as it is used by citizen activists.  Today’s rule is #6.  Many of our best citizen pundits have been having fun using the new media, and the use of it to create graphic images and mocking tweets has really borne fruit.  That because it is so much fun, people are willing to take the time to do it an do it well.

A great example of this is in display on Instapundit:  MORE FUN WITH RUTHERFORD B. HAYES:

The basis for this fun, new imagery involving President Hayes is that Obama threw him under this bus in a speech yesterday.

Obama’s words were these: “Of course, we’ve heard this kind of thinking before. If some of these folks were around when Columbus set sail, they must have been founding members of the Flat Earth Society. … There always have been folks who are the naysayers and don’t believe in the future, and don’t believe in trying to do things differently. One of my predecessors, Rutherford B. Hayes, reportedly said about the telephone, ‘It’s a great invention, but who would ever want to use one?’ That’s why he’s not on Mount Rushmore because he’s looking backwards. He’s not looking forwards. He’s explaining why we can’t do something, instead of why we can do something.”

The reality, which could have been ascertained by a quick fact check, is:

According to Ari Hoogenboom, who wrote the definite biography, “Rutherford B. Hayes: Warrior and President,” Hayes entertained Thomas A. Edison at the White House. Edison demonstrated the phonograph for the president. “He was hardly hostile to new inventions,” Hoogenboom said.

Hayes, in fact, was such a technology buff that he installed the first telephone in the White House. A list of telephone subscribers published in the article “The Telephones Comes to Washington,” by Richard T. Loomis, shows that the White House was given the number “1.”

The White House phone initially was connected to the Treasury Department. Hoogenboom, in his book, writes that Hayes’s wife Lucy requested that a quartet sing on October 26, 1877, to inaugurate the service, but the concert abruptly ended because the powerful bass voice of one singer smashed “to atoms” the “sounding board of the telephone.”

The tweets have also been highly amusing:

This is so fun we can, and will, keep this up until November 6th. ROMMEL, YOU MAGNIFICENT BASTARD. I read your book!

And for even more fun, at least for my fellow history geeks, check out Word Warrior’s military blog series on the era surrounding King Arthur’s England (he is on Part 2 today, so start now, so you don’t lag too far behind!)

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