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Dear Readers: It will be my pleasure to have two guests this Thursday night on Canto Talk. My friend and fellow SLOB, Deadliest Blogger’s Barry Jacobsen, and my friend and inspiration, Zumba instructor and dancer extraordinaire, Kavita Sheth. The featured topic: All Things Indian. (Click HERE for podcast link; the show is at 7 pm PST/9 pm CT/10 pm EST Thursday, Aug. 22).

Here is a bit more about Kavita’s newest enterprise:

Kavits Sheth at Studio K's Opening Night

Kavits Sheth at Studio K’s Opening Night


Tierrasanta Expands Zumba Party into Kearny Mesa

Tierrasantans have been having so much fun with resident Kavita Sheth’s Zumba class that she has just opened up a brand new studio in Kearny Mesa. Her new place is Studio K Dance and Fitness (9340 Clairemont Mesa Blvd Suite F), where she offers classes, featuring dance and aerobic-oriented forms (e.g., Zumba, Yoga, Hip Hop, Bollywood, Salsa, Insanity, etc.) done to a novel mix of world music styles.

“Everybody has a desire to dance,” said Sheth. “I match this need with the fact many want a solid workout in a fun atmosphere. I have gotten so many requests for such different Zumba and dance styles, that opening up Studio K was the best next step.”

Sheth had an opening night party in late July, which was attended by many Teirrasantans, including Cheri Korobkin.
“I love Kavita’s class; it’s the most fun I have had exercising ever,” explained Korobkin. “I love dancing in the dark with the special studio lights, as well as the fact I don’t feel self-conscious when I do the routines”. Korobkin also takes her two tweens regularly to class, who enjoy the dance exercises and are enthusiastic inspirations to their mom.

Sheth notes that Zumba is “not just for women, but it’s something men can really enjoy, too.” Jorge Ceniceros, Tierrasanta resident and one of Sheth’s original students, agrees and confirms that Zumba is a real workout.

“Between Zumba ands Metafast, I have easily lost 50 pounds,” Ceniceros remarked. “I came at first with my significant other, and have stayed because it was very fun and I came out trashed…in a good way. I have also learned dance to the point I am able to follow the instructor”.

Sheth has recruited a wide array of Zumba and dance instructors for her studio. Program styles include “groove”, hip-hop, and a new alphabet-based movement routine called Bokwa (an increasingly popular routine). The course offerings will also include a combination of pilates and yoga called “Piyo”.

During Studio K’s opening night, Sheth’s Bollywood instructor, Jonathan Bosco, lead the crowd in creating and performing a full Indian-based dance routine that thrilled the entire audience. Bosco competed in India’s popular “Just Dance” competition and has choreographed many acclaimed routines.

“Bollywood is for everyone: Men, women, young, old,” noted Bosco. “One of Bollywood’s biggest stars, Hritik Roshan, is the perfect example of fitness. I am happy that Studio K is giving me the opportunity to share many of Indian dance styles with new people, new fans.”

Sheth, a Tierrasanta resident, has been dancing since the age of 5. She eventually plans to offer Latin-style dance programs, including Bachata that was inspired by a life-changing trip to the Dominican Republic. A highlight of the July opening was a Bachata performance she did with an instructor-in-training, Hector Perez-Garcia.

Besides being fun, Studio K is family-friendly. Her studio includes an area for childcare, and Studio K will eventually be offering classes for children.

Sheth has been a certified Zumba instructor since 2010. She has training in Basic 1, Basic 2, and Zumba Gold, Zumba Toning, Zumba Sentao, Core and Glutes. Her studio also features programs with other instructors who possess a wide array of certifications.


As a MUT Temple Bonus, here is one of my favorite Bollywood clips:

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ROMANIA NEWS: Colin Powell Denies Affair With Romanian Diplomat After Guccifer Hacking

Affair: Check.

Denials of an affair. Check, check.

Electronic proof of said affair: And check.

Here is a story confirming that Colin Powell is following standard Washington, D.C. protocol on the respectful treatment of women!

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell denied allegations of an affair with a Romanian diplomat, The Smoking Gun reported on Thursday.

The denial comes after famed hacker Guccifer breached Powell’s email and Facebook accounts, revealing 10 years of communication with Corina Cretu, a member of the European Parliament. Powell, who left the State Department in 2005, kept in touch with Cretu over email after leaving his post.

“Over time, the emails became of a very personal nature, but did not result in an affair,” Powell said in a statement.

Powell, who married his wife Alma in 1962, reportedly asked Cretu to delete the email exchange, as Guccifer posted personal emails from 2010 and 2011 online this week.

Maybe he missed the sex harassment training, too?  Related, here is a link to a must-watch videoYour skin is not going to crawl….it’s going to spider-walk across the ceiling like Linda Blair in “The Exorcist”.

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How Catholics Should Think about Immigration

One of my favorite Catholics, John Zmirak,  analyzes how some Church leaders view immigration policy and what should really be considered.  MUT’s must-read post.

There is a Catholic teaching on immigration, and it is grounded in natural law, not divine Revelation. The Church does not aspire to rule as a theocracy which imposes beliefs that only those gifted with the supernatural virtue of Faith can understand. We may not, without sin, use our neighbors’ tax money and employ the guns and the jails of the State to enforce laws based solely on verses from the bible or quotes from Our Lady at Fatima. 

Nor do we have the right to favor immigration because many of the immigrants are Catholics and we feel a spiritual kinship with them. That is blatantly unfair to our non-Catholic fellow citizens, whose ancestors admitted our Catholic forefathers on the understanding that they would be loyal citizens, not secret agents working for their fellow Catholics around the world regardless of the best interest of Americans. We cannot flush the natural virtue of patriotism down the toilet of religious (or racial) tribalism (unless we want to prove that the Know-Nothings were right when they tried to keep Catholics out).


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Good friend and fellow SLOB Barry Jacobsen posts an op-ed from one of his good friends, which offers a great perspective on the sex scandal in New York City.  It pairs nicely with the Filner scandal I have been covering for Legal Insurrection.

However, she is the archetype of the political animal frequently found to inhabit the circles in which she travels and has deliberately inserted herself. An  intelligent, well-educated, and ambitious young woman, she hitched herself to a  promising young prince of the Democratic power structure – hoping to rise, as  her mentor (Hillary Clinton) did, to a position of power and influence – only to find out she had married an embarrassing self-indulgent, compulsive narcissist [I am being  polite] who is addicted to other things more despicable than political life and  power.

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Signs of Stranded Amelia Earhart in Old Photos?

As a distant relation to the man who married the legendary aviatrix, I wanted to share this intriguing update.

This aerial view of a remote island could be one of the last sights Amelia Earhart saw as a pilot when she flew over the Pacific Ocean on July 2, 1937 in a record attempt to fly around the world at the equator.


Taken 18 months after the legendary aviator’s disappearance, the photo shows a patch of the coast of Nikumaroro, an uninhabited tropical atoll in the southwestern Pacific republic of Kiribati, which is believed to be Earhart’s final resting place by researchers of The International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery (TIGHAR).

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Egyptology is one field in which interested amateurs may make an enormous impact.

Cue story about an amateur satellite archaeologist and rare maps that have led to the potential discovery of new Egyptian pyramid complexes!

Long-Lost Pyramids Found?

Mysterious, pyramid-like structures spotted in the Egyptian desert by an amateur satellite archaeologist might be long-lost pyramids after all, according to a new investigation into the enigmatic mounds.

Angela Micol, who last year found the structures using Google Earth 5,000 miles away in North Carolina, says puzzling features have been uncovered during a preliminary ground proofing expedition, revealing cavities and shafts.

“Moreover, it has emerged these formations are labeled as pyramids on several old and rare maps,” Micol told Discovery News.

Located about 90 miles apart, the two possible pyramid complexes appeared as groupings of mounds in curious positions.

One site in Upper Egypt, just 12 miles from the city of Abu Sidhum along the Nile, featured four mounds with an unusual footprint.

Some 90 miles north near the Fayum oasis, the second possible pyramid complex revealed a four-sided, truncated mound approximately 150 feet wide and three smaller mounds in a diagonal alignment.

“The images speak for themselves,” Micol said when she first announced her findings. “It’s very obvious what the sites may contain, but field research is needed to verify they are, in fact, pyramids,”

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Unique Egyptian sphinx unearthed in north Israel

A little something for my Egyptology fans!

Part of an ancient Egyptian king’s unique sphinx was unveiled at a dig in northern Israel on Tuesday, with researchers struggling to understand just how the unexpected find ended up there.

The broken granite sphinx statue — including the paws and some of the mythical creature’s forearms — displayed at Tel Hazor archaeological site in Israel’s Galilee, is the first such find in the region.

Its discovery also marks the first time ever that researchers have found a statue dedicated to Egyptian ruler Mycerinus who ruled circa 2,500 BC and was builder of one of the three Giza pyramids, an expert said.

“This is the only monumental Egyptian statue ever found in the Levant – today’s Israel, Lebanon, Syria,” Amnon Ben-Tor, an archaeology professor at the Hebrew University in charge of the Tel Hazor dig, told AFP.

“It is also the only sphinx of this particular king known, not even in Egypt was a sphinx of that particular king found.”

Ben-Tor said that besides Mycerinus’s name, carved in hieroglyphics between the forearms, there are symbols reading “beloved by the divine souls of Heliopolis”.

“This is the temple in which the sphinx was originally placed,” Ben-Tor said of Heliopolis, an ancient city which lies north of today’s Cairo.

Tel Hazor, which Ben-Tor calls “the most important archaeological site in this country,” was the capital of southern Canaan, founded circa 2,700 BC and at its peak covering approximately 200 acres and home to some 20,000 Canaanites. It was destroyed in the 13th century BC.


“Following a gap of some 150 years, it was resettled in the 11th century BC by the Israelites, who continuously occupied it until 732 BC,” when it was destroyed by the Asyrians, Ben-Tor said.

He said the find was approximately 50 centimetres (20 inches) long, and estimated the entire statue was 150 centimetres (60 inches) long and half a metre (20 inches) high”.

How, when and why it reached Tel Hazor remains a mystery.

“That it arrived in the days of Mycerinus himself is unlikely, since there were absolutely no relations between Egypt and this part of the world then,” said Ben-Tor.

“Egypt maintained relations with Lebanon, especially via the ancient port of Byblos, to import cedar wood via the Mediterranean, so they skipped” today’s northern Israel, he said.

Another option is that the statue was part of the plunders of the Canaanites, who in the late 17th and early 16th century BC ruled lower Egypt, the expert said.

“Egyptian records tell us that those foreign rulers… plundered and desecrated the local temples and did all kinds of terrible things, and it is possible that some of this looting included a statue like this one”.

But to Ben-Tor the most likely way the sphinx reached Tel Hazor is in the form of a gift sent by a later Egyptian ruler.

“The third option is that it arrived in Hazor some time after the New Kingdom started in 1,550 BC, during which Egypt ruled Canaan, and maintained close relations with the local rulers, who were left on their thrones,” he said.

“In such a case it’s possible the statue was sent by the Egyptian ruler to king of Hazor, the most important ruler in this region.”

Shlomit Blecher, who manages the Selz Foundation Hazor Excavations in Memory of Yigael Yadin, was the archaeologist who actually unearthed the finding in August 2012.

The statue’s incrustation was meticulously removed over a period of many months by the excavation’s restorer, before the intricate carvings and hieroglyphics were fully visible.

“It was the last hour of the last day of the dig,” she told AFP of the moment of the find. “We all leapt with joy and happiness, everyone was thrilled.”

“We hope the other pieces are here and that we find them in the near days,” she said.

Ben-Dor said the statue was most likely deliberately broken by new occupiers at Tel Hazor in an act of defiance to the old rule.

Finding the sphinx was “unexpected,” said Ben-Tor, “but fits” archaeological facts and findings. “When you’re in a bank, you find money,” he said.

To Ben-Tor, however, the true coveted find would be archives buried somewhere on Tel Hazor that could serve as an inventory to the ancient city’s content.

“I know there are two archives,” he said. “We already have 18 documents from two periods, the 17th and 14th century BC. If I found those archives, people would come running here.”

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